LISTEN!! Digital Music News: Angelic Pop-Rock, Viola da Gamba, Pan Pacific Ambient Dance, Portuguese/Afro/Latin Blends, New Age Guitar

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Sun Palace: Gossamer Folk-Rock
Angel-voiced Andriette Redmann teams up with Smithereens frontman John Rokosny to make a luxuriant, yet lighter than air, pop-rock creation. Give Me A Perfect World is an impressive demonstration of Redmann's talents, which have been compared to Sarah McLachlan and The Sundays. Highlights include the idyllic title track, the courtly and fateful "Round and Round," as well as the deeply dreamy "Familiar Voices." This album features legendary drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel/Paul McCartney/Elvis Costello) and cellist Jane Scarpantoni (Springsteen/Lou Reed/REM). Highly expressive, highly listenable.

Wildcat Viols: Viola da Gamba Girls Gone Wild
The San Francisco ensemble Wildcat Viols mines the richest vein of the viol da gamba consort repertoire. On Fairest Isle you'll hear the astounding music of Henry Purcell and Matthew Locke, the last great masters of English viol music. In this, their debut recording, the three women of Wildcat Viols, occasionally joining forces with the delicious soprano voice of Catherine Webster, luxuriate in the daring and passionate sound-world of 17th-century England. By turns quirky, languid, exuberant, sensuous, virtuosic, and always sublime, this music represents the final flowering of England's remarkable viol ensemble repertoire, in which finely-crafted Renaissance equanimity gives way to the dramatic volatility of the Baroque - with a distinctively British accent.

Osamu Kitajima and Chris Mancinelli : Pan Pacific Ambient Dance Masters
The pulse of captivating and ear-catching dance rhythms forms the foundation for these hauntingly melodic and evocative soundscapes. The compositions are expertly balanced by an intricate interlacing of ancient Japanese instruments and singing. Beyond the Circle is a masterful melding of the latest electronic textures with the most spiritual of Asian musical history. This upbeat music features vocalist Nanako Mikado singing traditional Geisha songs, the expressive playing of shakuhachi master Masakazu Yoshizawa, and WILCO guitar legend Nels Cline.

Anamar: Songs with a Latin & Afro mood, blended with Tango, Milonga, Morna, Rumba, Habanera
Transfado comes from a cult figure in the Portuguese music scene. Simple acoustic accompaniment on piano, double bass and Portuguese guitar puts Anamar's smoky, passionate voice in the best possible light, in songs that are vibrant, sultry, emotive, and cathartic. Fado songs are defined by their feeling of "saudade," a Portuguese term best translated as a genuine and intense yearning. Transfado has yearning to burn, but it's also a deeply sophisticated work with unexpected melodies and profound warmth.

Harlan Williams : Beautiful Dark and Airy Guitar
The compositions on The Glass Desert are instrumental and range in moods from ambient and celestial to darkened and tragic, always with a layering of harmonies and an intricate structure. The writings are usually in minor key and can sometimes end up gothic sounding. The style is very unlike traditional classical guitar music, using multiple instrument parts, elaborate arrangements, and unusual timings. All of the song titles on this recording are found somewhere in the scope of Christian history or directly in the Bible itself. For example, "In Nomine Domini" is Latin for "In the Name of the Lord", "Gregory IX" was the pope who instituted the inquisition, and "The Limb of the Fiend" is a 16th century reference to "The Arm of Satan".

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LISTEN!! Digital Music News: Punk Anarchy, Seductive Jazz, Tropical Electro Hop, Pagan Rituals, and Rockabilly

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Urban Response: Funky Urban Tropical Electro Hop from Brazil
Urban Response was formed in 2009 by Irish producer Elektrodouche and Brazilian lyricist MC Quilombola. Their first EP, A Origem da Natureza Urbana, is a true melting pot of their diverse influences - a mix of classic hip-hop, dub, funk, electro, urban, trip-hop and ragga, along with a handful of collaborations from Ireland, Spain and Nigeria. The result of their musical journey together is a modern union of different nationalities, colors, flavors, sounds, places and styles. Music knows no boundaries.

Robin Stine: Jazzy, bluesy numbers that sound like comfortable standards
Robin Stine's music seduces with a whiff of subtle perfume and a casual graze of her hand as she walks past, leaving the listener powerless to do anything but follow. As a singer, her voice floats on the stylish edge of contemporary cool-light, but never lightweight. Daydream, her debut album, is a sleek collection of a dozen original jazzy, bluesy numbers that immediately sound like comfortable standards. Her enviably experienced crew includes pianist Warren Bernhardt (Steps Ahead, Jack DeJohnette, Gerry Mulligan), drummer Gary Burke (Joe Jackson, Bob Dylan), trumpeter Steven Bernstein (Roswell Rudd, Medeski Martin & Wood, Don Byron), and her fellow Kansas City native, guitarist Steve Cardenas (Norah Jones, Madeleine Peyroux, Paul Motian, Mark Isham).

Louis Lingg and the Bombs: Punk Rock to blow your head off
Wave the black flags, get out your molotov cocktails, don your ski masks and hit the streets with Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Named after a famous Chicago anarchist, their sound is a mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children's nursery rhyme riot-pop. Their latest album, Light Lullabies for Skinny Monkeys, was recorded in a bedroom in Paris, France. These are nasal sounding DIY punk songs sung with energy and humor. There is a wild and all encompassing party contained on this album, all you have to do is press play.

Skarazula: Medieval European, Turkish and Arabic music
Ostara, Skarazula's first album, is an homage to the pagan spring equinox festivities of ancient times. The name comes from the Teutonic spring goddess "Eastre", that later became Easter in English. Skarazula's second album, Litha, continues the pagan rituals theme with the summer solstice festival in the Saxon culture. Litha includes songs from many parts of the ancient world: a troubadour's pastourelle, a sephardic love song, a Cantiga de Santa Maria, Turkish, Breton and Italian music. Take a trip around the world with the three minstrels of Skarazula and enjoy both original and traditional pieces. All of their music is played on instruments built by Skarazula's members, giving them a completely unique sound.

Ninety Pounds of Ugly: Country, Rockabilly, Western Swing and Lounge
“Country malcontents Ninety Pounds Of Ugly are hung up on the heart, cracking wise, burning bridges and losing control, all with the brazen, belittling charm of a jaded barfly's liquored up loose tongue, on Richmond Motel Room #3. The rockabilly thump of Out of Your League struts like the sequel to Loretta Lynn's You Ain't Woman Enough, while Tain't One, Tain't the Other is the best Dolly song you've never heard." (Steve Baylin - Ottawa Xpress)


LISTEN!! Digital Music News #6

YOU can access almost 1,000 digital music albums directly through our catalog. Stream or download as much as you like, DRM free, on any device you choose. No waiting for a copy. No due dates. Hooray!

Jive Ass Sleepers: Chilled out grooves & uptempo funkathons
Jazz Funk lovers rejoice! Funk Factor is packed full of laid back funk grooves and soulful jazzy moods. Blending a retro seventies vibe with a modern twist, infectious melodies on guitar, horns and keyboards are served over toe tapping rhythm sections. Tight production with a gritty edge, this is the perfect album for all Acid Jazz fans who dig music from artists such as The Crusaders, Brand New Heavies, Ronny Jordan, George Benson and Jeff Lorber to name a few.

Mexeena: Achingly beautiful, almost edible
The album Ether is strangely compelling. Embark on a musical exploration with Mexeena's soft vocal guiding you down a faintly familiar path. Encounter sparse acoustic guitars freeing themselves from the darker, textured recesses. Follow your senses as you continue through stimulating, yet calming, tracks. Go ahead, breathe in the turquoise air. Find found sounds and pulsing beats, and cast out bad dreams while you absorb yet another melody.

Misericordia: Sickeningly good Medieval music
Passion, Pestilence and Polyphony brings you music and song from the dark and troubled fourteenth century. From the rhythmic drive of bagpipes, hurdy gurdy and percussion, to haunting three part polyphony via solo voice accompanied by gothic harp, this recording includes complex instrumental istampitas, love songs by Guillaume de Machaut, and music from England, France and Italy.

Damsel Down: Rock to take the top down and drive to
Damsel Down's debut consists of ten uplifting songs with heavy gritty guitar, hard hitting rock drums, low warm bass, and smooth vocals. As the title suggests, Now We Rise seeks methods of resurrecting from trials and tribulations. From smooth ballads to songs that make you want to get in your car and burn up the pavement, Damsel Down hopes you enjoy the ride.

Moh Alileche: Music of the mountains of Kabylia
All songs on In Memory of a Hero are sung in the ancient native North African language, Tamazight, incorporating the use of instruments common to that region, namely the mondol, bendir, banjo and flutes. Alileche (pronounced "ali-LESH") blends his soulful, emotionally charged, passionate voice to hypnotic rhythms, captivating melodies, and entrancing beats. The album highlights the need for conscientious resistance to authoritarian regimes that undermine human rights, and is dedicated to late singer and activist, Lounes Matoub, who was assassinated in Algeria at the age of 42.


LISTEN!! Digital Music News #5

YOU can access almost 1,000 digital music albums directly through our catalog. Stream or download as much as you like, DRM free, on any device you choose. No waiting for a copy. No due dates. Hooray!

Sweet Teen Killing Machine: Don't go down into the cellar
Self-described as "horror-rock," Portland, Oregon-based, Sweet Teen Killing Machine creates hard-hitting, heavy rock soundtracks for fictitious horror movies. From the supernatural album openers, "Curse of the Bloodwolf" and "City of the Shrieking Dead”, to the more human terror of "Virgin White" and "New Meat," Sweet Teen Killing Machine can be described as the sound of a beast that always seems to be chasing you.

Vito Paternoster: Cellist extraordinaire
Vito Paternoster picked five of the most beautiful Italian Baroque sonatas for cello on his new album Sinfonie and Sonate del settecento italiano per Violoncello e Basso Continuo. Works by Benedetto Marcello, FP Scipriani (in world premiere recording), Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Francesco Geminiani and F Martino are performed with virtuosity and lyricism, bringing us back to the sounds, voices and colors of Venice, Naples and Florence long ago.

Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand: Experimental winds meet Indian classical
Waves of Beauty – Nada Yoga Vol. 2 is a single 56 minute long track. Amelia Cuni's crystal clear voice is set in a soundscape generated by acoustic sources, using no synthetic sounds. Her singing draws from the rich heritage of Dhrupad, the oldest form of North Indian music. She uses ragas and Indian vocal techniques that are powerful and soothing, moving and hypnotic. This uplifting album is designed to calm the listener's mind, supporting balance and well being. It may be used for relaxation, massages, yoga sessions, or that bubble bath you've been daydreaming about.

Industrial Sound Bank: The sounds that shake the masses
The Disk Platter Spins is a musical journey; a gapless, seamless blending of dance, trance and noise. There's a strong "dance-ability" factor, but even for those who choose to just listen, Industrial Sound Bank (a.k.a. In.So.Ba.) provides great material.

Predestined: Alternative rock music out of New York City
Predestined formed in 2005 as a project of songwriter/guitarist Mike Parenti. Their self-titled album, influenced by many classic and modern rock artists, from The Beatles and The Who, to Staind and Lifehouse, explores unconditional love, Christian faith and spiritual growth.

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LISTEN!! Digital Music News #4

YOU can access almost 1,000 digital music albums directly through our catalog. Stream or download as much as you like, DRM free, on any device you choose. No waiting for a copy. No due dates. Hooray!

Linda Wood: Melodic, eclectic 'quirk-pop'
Although singer-songwriter Linda Wood has been compared to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Rickie Lee Jones, and even a bit of Doris Day, she is a true original with her own style. Threads of jazz, blues, Latin, hip-hop, techno, pop, and cabaret, create a musical tapestry on which her diverse vocal stylings are embroidered. From the Santana-like vibe of "Goodbye Perfectionist", to the jazzy Stray Cat Strut jive of "Get Out Of My Life" with it's Andrew Sisters style harmonies, to the driving techno tribal beat and middle Eastern-inflected vocals of "Peter Pan", there is so much to like. There's also an unlisted bonus song at the end - a poignant ballad about loss and healing. One of the most quirky, yet endearing songs is "Bittersweet," a psychedelic carnival ride of a tune, complete with yodeling, triangle, and tuba that would not have been out of place on an early Frank Zappa record or Fellini soundtrack. Linda Wood’s vocals illuminate an emotional gamut from sassy and sultry to longing and vulnerable.

Kathleen McIntosh: Delicious Boismortier harpsichord rarities
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, the composer, was born in 1689 in the Age of Enlightenment. By 1724 he had begun to self publish, and achieved great financial success without having to rely on the largess of patrons. His music is elegant, witty and charming but mostly written for players of modest technical ability, his amateur customers. Nonetheless, his near contemporary, Jean-Benjamin La Borde, wrote of his work in 1780 "whoever takes the trouble to search through this abandoned mine will find enough bits of gold to make an ingot." This unusual release presents four enchanting Boismortier Suites for harpsichord plus a set of five excerpts arranged by harpsichordist Kathleen McIntosh.

Manuel Ochoa: Jazz and tango from Argentina
Featuring trumpet, saxophone, piano, contrabass and drums, Fauna is a jazzy album with long tender ballads and vibrant swing tunes. The compositions are easy to listen to and have creative improvised solos which create a very fresh music experience. The trumpet player plays flugelhorn on the ballads and the saxophone player alternates between alto saxophone and soprano saxophone. Manuel's sound on the piano is very personal and soft.

Kiwi: World roots soul music
Kiwi's 2010 effort Mischief Reigns is the kind of album that reveals new layers of itself each and every time you listen. Themes such as life, death, love, and loss are set to a rich fabric of roots rhythm and bass, punctuated by killer horn arrangements and delivered in sultry harmony by a male/female vocal duo. Adding to the unique sound is a variety of percussion and keyboard instruments. With sharp songwriting and lyrics in both English and Portuguese, this up and coming 9-piece from Jersey City, NJ is guaranteed to have you hooked.

DJ Markitos: Happy trance
Evolution of the Mind is the trance of DJ Markitos, a young producer from the Slovak Republic who fell in love with the utterly non-commercial nature of the underground scene there and captured it perfectly in his music. It's all in there: the layered, textured sounds, washes, crescendos, and occasional soulful vocals. Definitely evocative of the underground parties and raves that center around electronic music itself as the main attraction—as well as the blissful anonymity and release it provides to those who dance to it all night long.
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LISTEN!! Digital Music News #3

YOU can access almost 1,000 digital music albums directly through our catalog. Stream or download as much as you like, DRM free, on any device you choose. No waiting for a copy. No due dates. Hooray!

Kalabi: Chillout music for late nights and early mornings
The Reclaimed Property albums (Volume one and Volume two) represent five years of chill out and trip hop from Kalabi. Mixing multi-layered ambience with deep dub bass and head nodding beats to create "nice music for tired ears", these tracks are designed to relax, with no nasty noises or scary samples.

La Nuova Musica: Vocal and instrumental chamber music
Italian singer and composer Giulio Caccini (c.1550 – 1618) took part in the sumptuous "intermedi" of his time, the elaborate dramatic and musical spectacles that were one of the precursors of opera. He was hugely influential, training dozens of musicians to sing in a new style. La Nuova Musica, the vocal and instrumental ensemble dedicated to the music of the European Renaissance and Baroque, now celebrate his style and influence with their album Il Circolo Di Giulio Caccini. Exquisite.

Nathan Mathes: Melody-driven indie-folk
Nathan Mathes can best be described as an indie-folk singer-songwriter, in the vein of Elliott Smith and Iron and Wine. American Whitecaps, his first solo album, was recorded in his basement studio in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Along with the record, Mathes released an accompanying book, Thoughts On And The Making Of American Whitecaps.

Jasmine Brunch: A secret garden of lucid musical dreams
Jasmine Brunch is a solo project of the award-winning composer Ben Rusch. The music is perhaps best described as cliché-free New Age instrumental music that lovers of piano sounds will find particularly interesting. A Definitive Collection of Lucid Dreams offers hauntingly beautiful, evocative melodies inside a wonderful variety of acoustic arrangements. Jasmine Brunch will especially appeal to fans of Raul Di Blasio, Philip Glass, Carl Doy and Michael Nyman.

Breaker: Grit, guts, gall and granite
It's not often that you can strip a rock record of its vocals and find something just as worthwhile underneath. Breaker defiantly challenges the stigma of rock instrumentals by inviting listeners to experience their debut album, The More I Want, The More I Get without vocals. Within the lush landscape of gutsy guitars and propelling grooves, you're free to imprint your own story upon this dynamic hard rock collection. (Can’t live without lyrics? Check out the version with vocals.)

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LISTEN!! Digital Music News

YOU can access almost 1,000 digital music albums directly through our catalog. Stream or download as much as you like, DRM free, on any device you choose. No waiting for a copy. No due dates. Hooray!


Dead Leaf Echo: Dreamy shoe-gazing pop
Pale Fire is the debut EP from NYC band Dead Leaf Echo, featuring a title track mixed by Ulrich Schnauss (Mojave 3, Coldplay). Named for the Nabokov novel Pale Fire, the album incorporates elements of ambient, Baroque, dream-pop, shoegaze, new wave, and goth.

Jerry Palmer: Ambient, rhythmic, moody and melodic guitar compositions
Guitarist Jerry Palmer has been recording music since the early 80's. Individuals who appreciate the intricate nature of simple solo acoustic guitar, will love his deeply reflective Blue Guitar album. Check out Nevada Winds, Cherry Picking and Soul Gardener for more of Jerry's music.

American Bach Soloists: Virtuosic Bach performances and more
ABS fans rejoice! We have 11 digital albums of glorious, masterful performances and "spun-gold phrasing" by these early music virtuosos. Not familiar with ABS? Visit their website.

Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes: Indie Folk Pop from the Gold Coast, Australia
All the Leaves are Falling Down is the first album from Australian singer songwriter Mark Boulle. The album features Elodie Mayberry on violin and Daren Williams on bass. All other instruments are played by Boulle, who is known for his personal and personable reflections on the world around him.

Ambient Teknology: Upbeat underground with shades of new wave
Horrorbox, by Ambient Teknology, is an EP homage to late great stars of silver screen history. All three tracks are designed to encapsulate the feel of 1930's horror, combined with 21st century electronic sounds, and give a unique combination of the old mixed with the present day. Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi are all mentors for this history of the horror movie greats.


LISTEN!! Digital Music News

YOU can access almost 1,000 digital music albums directly through our catalog. Stream or download as much as you like, DRM free, on any device you choose. No waiting for a copy. No due dates. Hooray!


Kerry Politzer: Jazz pianist with Brazilian and classical influences
Watercolor is an impressionistic jazz piano trio album that features many colors, emotions and tempos. Although this album is obviously influenced by pianist Bill Evans, one can also catch glimpses of Thelonious Monk, Keith Jarrett, and traditional Bossa nova. Recorded on a dark, rich-sounding Steinway D, this is an album for jazz piano aficionados.

Putinki Church Choir: Clear calm voices of spiritual music
In Thy Dormition is comprised both of ancient Russian Orthodox monastery chants, as well as songs by secular composers, written for the church and performed by the Moscow Putinki Church choir. These selections are performed during the celebration of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, a feast day hallowed by the Russian Orthodox church.

Shira Kammen: Early folk and celtic music
A sophisticated and inventive performer on vielle and medieval harp, as well as an expert singer, Shira Kammen has spent well over half her life exploring the worlds of early and traditional music.

Mark Southeron: Led Zeppelin meets Underworld
On this album, you'll find a blend of electronica and hard-edged guitar, blended with classic psychedelic rock touches from influences such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Toni Iniguez: Classical guitar and nature
In his album Rain Trip, Antonio Iniguez expresses the beauty of the Spanish guitar and its sounds, with touches of folk, jazz and classical music. Made with the exceptional talents of violinist Lucia Marin (with whom Iniguez has worked for many years), this music evokes sensations produced by the smells of the wet earth after rain.


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