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Emma's Mini: Glamorously Femme Electropop
Emma's Mini is a duo based in Seattle, WA. In April of 2003 they self-released this album, "Beat Generation Mad Trick". Taking their cue from bands such as Lamb, Massive Attack and Moloko, Emma's Mini seamlessly blends Suzanne McClean's rich, lush vocals with Demian Shoemaker's innovative beats and soundscapes.

Colin Booth: Solo Harpsichord Music
Peter Philips, one of the great musical geniuses of the age of Queen Elizabeth I, was forced into exile in Europe because of religious intolerance in England, following the failed Spanish Armada. Not only did he become a famous composer throughout the continent, but his music, unlike his person, was celebrated in his home country. This album, "Peter Philips - The English Exile", has received enthusiastic praise from reviewers. Listen to Colin Booth play the music of Philips on a large and unusual harpsichord -- a copy of an Italian 17th Century instrument with two keyboards.

Dr. Sounds: Spacey Ambient/Dark New Age
Dr. Sounds is Alexander Forselius, a Romanian-born artist, creating spacey, ambient/dark, new age tracks using mostly free software packages. Alex has Aspergers Syndrome and feels he is a little different in thinking about and experiencing the world. "I think my brain values mathematics and logic before feelings...I mostly feel integrated with the computer, and feel a deep relationship with experience in childhood, and autistic experience of the unorganized social world, is transmuted to unique, illustrative, ambient soundtracks that don't follow a given musical genre."

Rocket City Riot: High Energy Rock and Roll
Snotty punk rock reminiscent of the Sex Pistols. This 10th-anniversary redux of "We Name the Guilty Men" is raw and vital rock and roll that shakes your teeth. You will hear songs about love, death, and drinking, the holy trinity of punk rock. This is not the kind of music that RCR makes anymore, so get it while the getting is good.

Kara Nomadica: A Fresh New Sound Driven by Traditional Arabic and Turkish Rhythms
Kara Nomadica is a fusion of ancient and exotic instruments from the Middle-East, North Africa, and Australia. This album is driven by traditional iqaat (rhythms) and maqamat (micro-tonal scales) of Turkey and the Arab world. The band explores original compositions and breathes new life into a select repertoire of traditional Middle-Eastern classics. Denver music reviewer John Zwick says, "Kara Nomadica is what happens when you bring together a mess of overqualified music geeks with Middle Eastern instruments you've never heard's a damn captivating sound."

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Bluesboy Jag: Authentic 1920's Solo Blues Guitar
Pared down to the down-home marrow of their bluesy bones, the twenty-six acoustic tracks of "Four Strings" are like an ultra-pleasant visit to guitarist Jag's front porch, where he plays for you on his hand made cigar box guitars. Intimate, unvarnished, authentic. Iced tea or lemonade with that?

Philharmonia Baroque: Historically-Informed Classical Orchestra
Celebrated Dead Man Walking composer, Jake Heggie, has a fascinating take on the Persephone myth. In this recording, Philharmonia Baroque brings the tale to life with the help of Broadway superstar Patti Lupone and soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian. "To Hell and Back" traverses an impressive amount of musical territory in just five scenes—a turbulent overture, a dulcet duet, a potent cabaret number, and a penetrating aria among other things. Heggie uses these stylistic choices to develop his disturbing, deeply affecting portrait of spousal abuse and the familial denial that perpetuates it.

Jay Love Baby: Booty Shakin' Baby Makin' Music
Atlanta-based B-Boy/breakdancer/deejay/producer/artist, Jay Love, delivers his new release, Ego Centric, a great party starter album packed with dance floor classics. It's highly energized with the feel of the Black Eyed Peas, beats like Timbaland and a vocal flow similar to T Pain and Flo-Rida. Booty shakin' is guaranteed.

Lydia McCauley: Intriguing Piano Compositions with Dynamic Accompaniment
ForeignLander is a collection of innovatively arranged pieces from 17-20th Century British Isles and Appalachia, beautifully performed by Linda McCauley and her Ensemble, along with special guests. A well known artist in the Celtic and New Age worlds, she slightly detours on this album by taking traditional Appalachian melodies and working her magic on them. While careful to preserve Appalachian traditions, Lydia creates a fresh sound that pleases both traditional and progressive music audiences.

Kavanah: Eclectic Intense, Industrial Ethnic, Classical Phrasing, Soundtrack, Cirque
This soundtrack to the hit traveling circus show, Cirque Montage, is an eclectic mix of World Music, Electronica, Jazz and Cirque. Composer Martin St-Pierre and vocalist Kate St-Pierre are both Cirque du Soleil and Dragone (Le Reve) alumni.

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Robin Grey: Gently Experimental Nu-Folk
Robin Grey writes beautifully ironic, poetic-based tracks for the story-lover in all of us. His voice and attitude harkens back to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, with masterful lyrics and deadpan delivery. Strangers With Shoes is colored with acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, piano, double bass, organ, percussion toys and any other instruments he can fit into his little London studio. As one reviewer stated, "Grey is one of those wonderful talents that could recite the phone directory on record and you'd still be enthralled".

Daniel Berkman: 21st Century Ambient African Kora
A wonderfully laid-back album, Calabashmoon blends Daniel Berkman's gorgeous kora playing with subtle beats and other little touches of vocals from regional performers for an overall feeling of sunny, world-influenced goodness. Berkman is known for his innovations to this 21-stringed instrument. In this collection of crafty and poignant pieces, he expertly weaves together a tapestry of sounds that gives the listener a sort of relaxed acoustic portrait of modern West Africa, from whence it comes. Be sure to check out the excellent title track, "Mystery Box House."

Sergio Azzolini & Vito Paternoster play Mozart and Haydn
Can a cello and bassoon form a duo? Three different composers thought so. W.A. Mozart composed a beautiful sonata for cello and bassoon, F. Danzi transcribed some of the most beautiful Mozart melodies, and F.J. Haydn composed two duets for cello/bassoon. Italian bassoonist Sergio Azzolini and Italian cellist Vito Paternoster demonstrate how these pieces continue to enchant, delight and amuse listeners today.

The Wretch: Painful Ambient Industrial Noise
Fantastically dark and elegantly industrial, Cyst by The Wretch is a surprisingly nuanced album that favors dynamic variation over mindlessly repeated loops. It's a hybrid of noisecore and drum 'n' bass, but with really smart rhythms and a noise-ambient wash that lends a huge amount of atmosphere and depth. The juxtaposition of totally glitched out, ever-changing beats with the eerie ghost calls and dystopian waveforms in the background works really well. The opening track "Turned" and "Do You" are great. "This is Terror" is beautifully brutal, and don't miss "Feel The Burning."

Tilopa: Healing Magic of the Japanese Zenflute
Pared down and austere, Tilopa's album, By The Way, sounds like serenity itself. The Japanese zen flute (kyotaku) is occasionally accompanied by monastic sounding vocals, and the overall effect is very subdued and meditative. "Red Fullmoon" is a particular standout on this album, a track that makes evident why this type of music was once favored by sects of wandering Buddhist monks. Most of the pieces on this album have that same type of traditional Zen sound, but there are a few more modern pieces here too, such as "Amigos De Viaje," which features acoustic guitar as accompaniment to the kyotaku.

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Drop Trio: Groove-Oriented Organ-Based Funk Jazz
Deliciously mathy structures overlaid with highly original, funk-tinged instrumental grooves are what you'll get on Big Dipper by the award-winning Drop Trio. Influenced by avant-garde jazz, this group thrives on improvisation. The overall vibe here is loose, but the chops are tight and the structure is never neglected. This is a great album to put on in the afternoon while you're working, or in the evening when you're ready for happy hour.

Three Holies Church Choristers: Ancient Eastern Church Music
Gorgeously solemn and reverent, Hymns of the Ancient Church features a number of very rare chants representing the three main canonical singing traditions of the Eastern Church: Byzantine, Georgia and Old Rus. These ancient, holy songs served as the foundation not only of later religious singing, but also classical choral music. All the chants are performed by choristers of the Three Holies Church (Kharkov, Ukraine) conducted by Igor Sakhno—one of the great experts in this form.

Spoons: Retro 80's Music
Formed in 1980, this band made Spoons a different kind of household word. Their unique brand of upbeat, danceable music quickly became anthems to legions of fans. Now, more than two decades later, who could have predicted the phenomenon known as "retro 80s", when old and new fans alike would rediscover these classics? Unexpected Guest At A Cancelled Party is packed with previously unreleased recordings and concert favorites, from the vintage 1982 - 1985 years. Listen to Spoons again, or for the first time, and enjoy.

Sherefe: Balkan and Middle Eastern Music
Sala Sala is a full 78 minutes of eastern Mediterranean soul food with gorgeous songs from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and Bulgaria. Sung in native tongues and using traditional instruments, these songs are elegant and danceable. Well honed from hundreds of performances at concerts, festivals, weddings and private parties, Sherefe's rich sound is a melding of cello, bouzouki, oud, gadulka, saz, double bass, Middle Eastern percussion and evocative vocals.

Opened Paradise: Intense Goth Rock From An Ancient City
The incredible, hollowed out grandeur of the songs on Occult bring you straight into the darkly glorious and melodic world of Opened Paradise. Frontman Periklis E's voice is so evocative and intense that it gives Peter Murphy a run for his money. Babis on guitars and Constantinos on drums lend a dire, driving sound to the album that is the perfect counterpoint to the cavernous vocals. So strong and excellent is the overall mood of this album that we strongly recommend turning off the shuffle play for an hour in order to listen to it all the way through, the first track to the last. Dark, dramatic feelings guaranteed.

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Marginal Prophets: Smart-Alecky, 'Semi-Conscious' Hip-Hop
San Francisco Bay Area favorites and indie best-sellers The Marginal Prophets have performed with Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul, Spearhead, Fishbone, and many other rap and rock royals alike. Their hugely entertaining hybrid of hip-hop and garage rock is smart-alecky and sultry, perceptive and playful -- kind of like what the Beastie Boys might sound like if they were being backed by Beck. Bohemian Rap won a California Music Award for Outstanding Rap Album and is a masterpiece of witty, riffy perfection.

Viviana Guzman: Virtuosic Flutist
Elegant baroque flute fantasies made alluring and modern. Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767) was a prolific, popular German Baroque music composer. The Telemann Flute Fantasies are miniature sonata gems. Published in 1732, each fantasy has a playing time of approximately 3 to 5 minutes. On this recording Viviana Guzman showcases her 9K Muramatsu Flute, giving the Fantasies an added golden touch.

Anton Cosmo: Rock Superstar to Be
Anton Cosmo, a native of Upstate New York, was raised in a home filled with music. He is the son of Fran Cosmo, former singer of the band Boston. On his album, The In Between, Anton gives a nod to influences such as U2 and Incubus, as well as echoes of visionaries like Peter Gabriel. Anton's lyrics and soaring pop arena rock sound have a dark edge, with some songs influenced by the public's current fascination with vampire sagas such as Twilight, and the popular HBO series True Blood.

Suchita Parte: Ancient Indian Songs in a Modern Blend
Wow. Designer Bliss really brings out the natural softness and femininity of Suchita Parte's incredibly beautiful voice. The opening track, "Tvamekam Sharannyam" is deeply pretty, as are "Pandurangashtakam" and "Narayanam". The entire album is a very successful, subtle pop update of a classical Indian style. Completely sublime, highly recommended.

Paul Avgerinos: Beautiful Ambient Space Music
A glowing, watercolor wash of angelic choirs and ancient Greek chants, Gnosis is based on the Gnostic tradition and wisdom of ancient Greek mystery societies, and features perfectly integrated sounds of tabla, oud, sarangi, and cello. named Paul Avgerinos "one of the giants of ambient music," and the stellar sound design on this release makes apparent how he earned the title. Standout tracks include the mellow "Journey To Now" and the title track, "Gnosis."

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Atomic Opera: Progressive World-Influenced Hard Rock
With dark, heavy grooves and a big, sweeping sound, Atomic Opera is firmly rooted in a rock and metal tradition that began with Black Sabbath and was continued by Metallica, but adds lilting, irresistably Beatles-ish melodies and unexpected, towering harmonies evocative of prog rock bands like Rush and Yes. Add the presence of Frank Hart's sophisticated arrangements for cello, acoustic guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, organ, recorders and hand percussion, and you get a stellar old world art rock sound with a progressive folk metal edge. This brooding yet accessible music was born of same fertile Houston scene that produced Galactic Cowboys, The Awful Truth, and King's X.

The Kokoon: 1980's Style New Wave
For a decidedly new wave album, there's a lot of passion and emotion on Erase. Danyx's brooding, Nico-esque voice carries highlight tracks like "Face," "Delicate," the Cure-tinged "Tied," and "Take Me to the World," a bittersweet but ultimately upbeat song. Or try the band's second release Berlin. It's just so damn sexy. Angular, androgynous, pouty? It's a Bowie/Siouxsie-influenced urchin of an album that'll have you strutting around the house like a Milanese model on a Fashion Week catwalk. Highlights include the smouldering opener "Impressions," possibly the world's only New Wave drinking song "We Didn't Go," and the deliciously disaffected "Tap At Floes." No 3 is The Kokoon's most recent album - check that one out too.

Middle-Earth Ensemble: Sultry and Percussive Mid-East Fusion
Middle-Earth Ensemble creates a unique gypsy infused sound inspired by music of the Mediterranean and Middle-East. Their music has fueled the hips of many a belly dancer. Their latest album, Passage, emphasizes their original material while continuing to draw on traditional and fusion styles as varied as Arabic, Turkish, Moorish, Spanish, Gypsy, Celtic, and Classical. The title track includes Indian tablas and exemplifies the fusion that Middle-Earth has created. Belly dance aficionados will surely recognize the new renditions of " Rompi Rompi" and "Tamr Henna". This release transcends the belly dance genre and includes a variety of styles and sounds that would be sure to please anyone interested in or curious about Middle-Eastern music.

Seconds Before: Minneapolis Modern Rock
Seconds Before fuses high octane rock, memorable pop sensibilities, and progressive arrangements into a sound that's as hard to pigeonhole as it is to resist. These five music junkies have a wealth of experience as songwriters and performers, and their enthusiasm and professionalism come across both in their recordings as well as their explosive live shows. Change Is The Only Constant features songs that you just might not be able to get out of your head (in the good way, not the annoying way). Give the newest Seconds Before album a spin, but don't get too comfortable, because change is... well, you know.

Ehren Starks: Piano and Cello
Lines Build Walls, the second album from pianist Ehren Starks, is both strikingly modern and completely evocative. Cleanly elegant piano compositions show great attention to both structure and melody, and Starks demonstrates deep fluency and depth of feeling for his instrument throughout. There's an internal logic to this music that calls to mind contemporary architectural forms, yet it's incredibly lyrical too—the streamlined poetics of a young master. Highly recommended.

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Askold Buk: Guitar-Driven, Groove-Oriented Feel-Good Jazz/R&B Tunes
"I think a lot of today's instrumental music takes itself so seriously that it intimidates people - it's quite different from the great instrumentals I remember that were catchy, feel-good tunes with no pretense," observes guitarist Askold Buk. "My goal is to recapture that vibe by writing music that is as much fun to listen to as it is to play." Buk certainly creates a fun, unpretentious mood on his critically-acclaimed debut album, which is chock full of melodic, guitar-driven, groove-oriented jazz/r&b tunes.

Where's Moo: Moody, Atmospheric, Paranoid and Definitely Not Typical Rock and Roll
Los Angeles alternative rock outfit Where's Moo have reached new heights with their latest full length album, Dear Friend Dopamine. Fans have likened Where's Moo sound to R.E.M. and The Pixies having sex on a spaceship crashing into the sun. This album is a prime example of the sentiment, so perusing the disc on your iPod in a coffee shop is not recommended, as it is guaranteed to make you spill your latte. Where's Moo take the ball, run with it, and kick it all over the place. Dear Friend Dopamine is no mere collection of Xerox rock and roll, but the birth of something exciting and new.

Philharmonia Baroque: Historically-Informed Classical Orchestra
Not only is this the only in-print recording of Handel's magnificent and rarely performed Atalanta but, as the Wall Street Journal observed in April 2006, this two CD release by San Francisco's Philharmonia Baroque also represents an important shift in the Classical world towards digital distribution. As a work of art, Atalanta is the most festive and idyllic of all Handel's operas—one brought to life by this fresh, charming performance under the direction of Nicholas McGegan.

Sieber, Kammen and Fulton: Dreamy Music from the Acclaimed Video Game "Braid"
This haunting soundtrack is an eclectic, abstract and deeply emotive selection of modern Celtic music and medieval instrumentation. Not a gamer? No worries. Knowledge of the game is not required to appreciate the offerings from electric cellist Jami Sieber, Celtic musician Shira Kammen, and harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton. For those not in the know, Braid is a unique, painterly video game filled with puzzles, a princess in distress, and opportunities to manipulate time.

Solace: Classical Middle-Eastern with Excursions into Electronica
Lose yourself in the intoxicating sounds of Opium Head. This aural narcotic is an experiment in structure and sound, designed without regard for genre. The songs contained herein are not compositions, but rather arrangements of various Indian Bhangra and Bollywood samples demodulated from their organic forms, modified, then arranged in a rhythmic/melodic mix. The parameter prescribed for this project was to create an organic mix laced with minimal electronica, as compared to an over-the-counter electronic mix dosed with minimal organic sounds. Music is our drug, take a listen and join us in our addiction.

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The Napoleon Blown Aparts: Obnoxious High-Energy Rock
Biting guitars and gritty, pissed off rock vocals anyone? Yes please. According to frontman Ajax Garcia, “The Blown Aparts are a driving force of angst and teenage lust”. Check out their album Thrill Hype for a punked up Guns 'N Roses with a dash of The Dolls (See "Unlucky Star"). Ajax Garcia's voice sounds great on this album, and who can pass up a song called "Do you like my haircut?". Another highlight would be "Sonny", a totally unexpected combination of bongo drums and ebullient profanity.

Dufay Collective: Instrumental and Vocal Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Music for the Spanish Court 1470-1520.
You’ve probably heard the Dufay Collective perform even if you think you haven’t. Their music is on the soundtrack of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Check out Cancionero, one of their best recordings to date. This collection of medieval repertoire spans the end of the 15th and the early 16th century, in what was Spain's golden age. The music comes from two main sources - the Cancionero Palacio containing songs and instrumental music from the court of Ferdinand and Isabella; and the manuscript Montecassino 871, associated with the Spanish court in Naples.

Mokhov: Aphex Twin meets Four Tet
Halcyon Days is the début album of Oleg Mokhov, "the world's most mobile electronic musician" - his studio is a laptop in a backpack. His tunes are a cross between Aphex Twin and Four Tet, with some Boards of Canada and DJ Shadow thrown in. If you like that style of IDM/instrumental hip-hop/downtempo music, this album is for you. If you enjoy what you hear, be sure to check out some of his music videos.

Gopal: Lend Your Heart to the Dilruba
The dilruba is a rare Indian Classical instrument with a meditative quality and a rich tapestry of sounds that touches the heart and relaxes the body-mind. This can be heard in Mystic Journey, an album that features the dilruba combined with other instruments such as Indian bansuri (bamboo flute), santoor and zither. Gopal's music is especially suited for soft movement, yoga, massage, healing, meditation, trance, relaxation or simply while falling asleep.

Self Delusion: Darkly Addictive Electro-Pop Songs
Self Delusion's sound betrays them as big followers of 80s music. Think of Depeche Mode with a bit more depression and brilliant buzzy electronica melodies. What more can you say about an album titled Happiness Hurts Me?

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A_Rival: Chip-Hop Defined...Electronic Rap at its Rawest
From Video Game music producer, composer, and performer A_Rival comes 8-Bit Pimp; the first full-length, Hip-Hop album of original music in which all tracks and beats were composed entirely using the sound chip of the Nintendo Entertainment System. A_Rival is bridging the gap between Hip-Hop and the up-and-coming Chiptune scene - an emerging music genre established in San Francisco among DJs, composers, producers, and musically-inclined fans of game music that seeks to push the boundaries of the art form.

The RajDhani Quartet: Hindustani Classical meets Carnatik Music
Combining two great traditions of the subcontinent, The Gandhi Memorial Concert merges the improvisational and mystical nuances of Hindustani and Carnatik music. The result is a uniquely lilting form that meanders gently in a natural, even organic way. Delicately detailed circular patterns are overlayed with thoughtful, narrative melodies (there's even violin), and there are lots of little gem-like solos dispersed within the ensemble's playing. The album features India's foremost tabla player, Subhash Karmarkar, as well as Jay Kishor on sitar, Subhash Vinjamuri on violin, and Dr. P.K. Swaminathan on mridanagam. We particularly like this in the morning, while still warming up to the day.

Bezdin Ensemble: Chamber Orchestra, Choir and Vocalists Specializing in Sacred Music
In September 1703, Antonio Vivaldi became maestro di violino (master of violin) at an orphanage called the Pio Ospedale della Pietà (Devout Hospital of Mercy) in Venice. Over the next thirty years he composed many of his major works there. The Bezdin orphanage in Romania is a similar institution; its purpose is to give shelter and education to girls who were abandoned or orphaned, or whose families could not support them. The girls receive a musical education and the most talented stay and become members of the Bezdin ensemble choir or orchestra. Check out Vivaldi Fata Tiganca, "Vivaldi was a gypsy girl" in Romanian, or Vivaldi Sacred Box, commissioned for the Arad Christmas Concert of 2009.

Rebel Rebel: Glamtastic Hollywood Shock Rock
L.A.-based band Rebel Rebel is known for insanely fun, high energy live shows and has been known to give their fans "glamtasms" from the relentless insistence on entertainment and riff-heavy rock. Explode Into Space was produced by Brian Kehew, known for his work with The Ramones, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, and Air. "Artificial Kid" and "Venus Plux X' are especially swaggery tunes. Bonus tracks in Spanish!

Jami Sieber: Enchanting Cello Compositions
If you're in the mood to relax or reflect, you've found the right album. Characterized by an impeccably clear recording and spaciously produced arrangements, Hidden Sky is electric cellist Jami Sieber's deep and seamless musical meditation on her meeting with the elephants of Thailand and, like those animals, is both large in scope, yet profoundly tender and wise. Strings Magazine described the album as being full of "slowly unfolding romantic melodies voiced with the dense, dark timbre of Sieber's masterfully wielded instrument". "Sukhotai Rain" and "A Common Music" include sounds made by the Elephant Orchestra from the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Interested in more information about these amazing elephants? Check out this feature from National Geographic or this article from the New York Times archive.

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The Young Werewolves: Nippy Post-Punk Retro Rock with a Bite
While temptation, redemption and transformation always provide source material for The Young Werewolves, their latest album creeps across new musical ground and showcases the bands quest for sonic exploration and songwriting maturity. Twisting in unique ways, Sins of the Past is the follow up to the 2008 recording Cheat the Devil, produced by horror film star Sid Haig. In recent news, music from this Philadelphia-based trio was featured on Showtime Television in their series Shameless starring William H. Macy.

Music Inside: Funky Bubbling Electronic Pop
With the album Silicon Sandwich, Music Inside opens doors to 10 different electronic worlds. This album will make you dance, close your eyes and scratch your head at times. Highlights include the pulsating beat of "No Time", the haunting atmosphere of "It Feels Like This", the love story of a robot and a spoon in "Curved Side Of The Spoon", and hunting man-eaters in "Cannibals", just to name a few. Silicon Sandwich is a digital musical trip of a different kind.

Canconier: Medieval Music from the 12th to the 15th Centuries
Cançonièr proudly presents The Black Dragon, 15th-century music from the time of the infamous Vlad the Impaler, whose tyrannical rule of Wallachia (Southern Romania) shocked Europe. The album features Michel Beheim's German poem about Vlad's deeds, French and Italian dance music, German songs, music of the Byzantine court, Balkan folk songs, Turkish classical music, the Lamentation for the Fall of Constantinople by Guillaume Dufay, and more.

She Said Save Me: Gimmick Free, Pure Acousto-Folk
She Said Save Me's debut self-titled album is a sincere, inspiring, and heart-warming experience straight from the heart of singer-songwriter Joe Vercillo. Recorded in the attic of a home in Toronto, the raw and pure sound sticks to Vercillo's life motto of keeping it simple and keeping it real. A mix between Acoustic, Folk, Punk, and Pop, all songs possess an extremely intimate, soothing and uplifting feel. Although most lyrics deal with the difficulties of life and relationships, Vercillo's main message in the album is that you can make anything into a good thing.

Willem Brons: Mozart Works by a Distinguished Master Pianist
On this highly acclaimed album, Dutch pianist Willem Brons plays beloved piano works of Mozart. Listen to The Rondo in A minor, with its wealth of intentions and feelings, and the Sonata in F major, in which Mozart links deep emotions to an inexhaustible fantasy. The Fantasie in C minor provides an impressive introduction to the previously composed Sonata K. 457, as there are numerous connections between both works. The sonata is majestic and, especially in the first and last movements, distinctly dramatic. Simply put, this album is beautiful.

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