AADL-GT Championship and Year-end Schedule

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

This is it... the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND! Registration is now open for all our upcoming videogame tournaments, including the AADL-GT 2005 Wildcard and Grand Championship tournaments, this Saturday, 12/17/2005, from Noon to 5:30 PM at the Downtown Library. Bear in mind that to play in this Saturday's tournaments, you must have a signed Release Form on file. There's no need to bring one if you've given us one before, but if you haven't, make sure to bring one signed by your parent or guardian. The tournament will be broadcast live of CTN channel 18. All GC-qualified players have been marked as such on the leaderboard and will be able to pre-register and self-checkin for the Grand Championships. We also will have an 18+ kart tournament, a kids' kart tournament, open play, and DDR, so read on for full details about upcoming events.

Grand Championship Details

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

The Grand Championships of the 2005 season are barely a week away, and you've got questions about how it's all going to work. Well, you're in the right place for answers. Here's how it's all going to happen.

First, the Clan Cup will start promptly at 12:00 on Saturday, December 17th, so if you're a primary or a sub for one of the top 8 clans, be there on time (or even early), or forfeit your first match. Subs can absolutely be used in the Clan Cup, but at least one primary must be present, and the four players who play for the winning clan at the Clan Cup are the ones who will get the prize, 4 512mb iPod shuffles. Now, your Clan's standing is going to figure heavily in how much opposition stands between you and victory; not only will the higher-ranked clans get byes for the first rounds, but also, any ties will be broken by the clan standings. So, read on for full details.

AADL-GT Round 4 Results

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

Round 4, Thanksgiving weekend, marked the end of the AADL-GT Regular season, and heading into the Grand Championships, the competition is intense and the stakes are high. Round 4 saw many new faces, several powerful rookies, and a skill vacuum as [gtplayer:143] and his brother, [gtplayer:146] were unable to attend. Perhaps the most important moment of Round 4 was the definitive discovery of the fact that Eli apparently made up the phrase 'Master Shell', despite the fact that I'm certain it was called that in some manual somewhere.

Read on for full Round 4 details.

AADL-GT Round 4 Webcast

We are having technical difficulties getting the webcast running. Unfortunately, we will not be able to broadcast today. Apparently, CTN dropped our signal as well, so there will not be any TV broadcast.

Thanks for your patience, and post here if you have any questions.

Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament Registration

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

We've got 4 videogame tournaments coming up Thanksgiving weekend, and registration is now open. To register, first login or create an account if you haven't already, then go here to preregister for events. Depending on turnout, latecomers who haven't preregistered may be turned away, so be sure to get registered, and be on time to get your spot in the brackets! Click read more for more details about next weekend's tournaments.

Get your Nintendo DS ready

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Rev up your Nintendo DSs and bring them in to the tournament. Play against each other while you wait for your match!

We now have a tool that will allow you to register your DSs with our wireless system. It can be found under the "My Account" menu option. Click on "Wireless Devices". You will need to have a valid library card registered with the system in order to use the advanced wifi menu, but you all have library cards, right?

Theater Ad Starts Friday

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

If you visit Quality 16 Theaters in Ann Arbor starting this Friday, and if you're not late for your show, you'll probably see our shiny new AADL-GT commercial! It features choice quotes from several of you, a single-player and clan leaderboard, and one of my favorite game remixes, The Alternate Route, mixed by ParagonX9 We will be revising the ad after the next tournament weekend, so if you have ideas on how it can be improved, let us know.

Eli Gets Jiggy

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

"Why, oh why", you ask, "would we shut down the library for a full day?"

The answer is simple. So Eli and Eric could throw down the gauntlet and finally find out who the real DDR champion is (I'm not gonna tell you.. you have to judge for yourself).

Of course, the victor got to sing his own praises, Karaoke-Revolution style, later.

AADL-GT Round 3 Results

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

Round 3 is behind us, and with Round 4 fast approaching, at long last, here are the full results from the October tournament.

Round 3 began with Super Smash Brothers Single-player melee, with 80 competitors registered. With 3 qualifying matches per player, and our systems running smoothly, we had time for seeded 1v1 eliminations, which worked out quite well. In the semifinals, Round 1 Melee Champion [gtplayer:136] was bested by [gtplayer:355], season leader [gtplayer:143] was beaten by [gtplayer:427], [gtplayer:357] fell to emerging force [gtplayer:326], and [gtplayer:396] was beaten by his own big brother, the right honourable [gtplayer:325]. The final match was a vicious 4-player melee, with [gtplayer:325] again proving his Melee Mastery, [gtplayer:326] taking second, [gtplayer:427] taking third, and [gtplayer:355] finishing fourth.

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