Letter From William Geddes to John Geddes, February 26, 1844

Author: William Geddes

Date: February 26, 1844

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Campbellstown Feb. 26th 1844

Dear Brother, [John Geddes] Yours of the 24th Jan. was received on the 3rd inst. I had been looking for it for some weeks before because I have rented no house here and spring will soon be here, and I was anxious to hear how you could suit us in Michigan. I suppose the Ypsilanti house will answer. Your present tenants are like too many here, bad pay. Rents are dear with you. I think a man that was certain to pay ought to get a house cheaper than those monthly tenants, who it appears never intend to pay and so engage to pay what is asked. The wife dreads this moveing very much on account of the youngest child, not having milk enough she has to feed it on cows milk, and that will be troublesome getting on the way. I have a Book of the Constitutions of all the states, and of course was aware of the time that I must be in Michigan to secure my vote, but I fear it will be lost to Mr. Clay, for the weather is so unfavorable mostly in April. I fear I will not suit to live amongst such a showy people as I live in the plainest possible way and pay no visits. It dont cost me the half that it does you, through the year. If we should have such a spring as last one you need not look for me before the 1st of June. But as we must move on the 1st April from where we now live, and should the weather be favorable we will hardly stop until we get to our Journey’s end. I received a letter from James on the same day. He is well but does not mention any thing about Agrippa. Times are very hard there, the Wheat crop having failed and what they have is only .37 1/2 pr. Bu. and other grains in proportion. Pork is the only thing that will fetch money and that is about $1.50 pr. Cwt. John Sawyer and family are well he has a family of three sons and a daughter. Ann Sawyer died last fall. She was married and left two children. She died of Consumption. We have had and now have fine sleighing but still very little snow We had a number of snows of 3 or 4 inches and the weather is cold. My thermometer was down to Zero on Sunday week and still keeps close enough to freezing point to keep a thaw away. There is not more than 5 inches snow now and yet sleighing is fine. Wheat is selling for a dollar pr. Bu, and I was told one many had given $1.05, Corn 40, Rye 45, Oats 30 Potatoes 50, Buckwheat .62 1/2 Butter 10, Eggs 10, Lard 5, Beef and Pork 4 1/2 Tallow 6 pr Lb, I have done a

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good deal of businefs in my office this year. I have collected at least two thousand dollars, which is double what I done in other years. But is a disagreeable businefs and makes enemies. John Wolfersberger Esqr. of this place appointed assignees in Nov. last. His debts amounts to near $21,000, and we valued the property in his possession at a little over $30,000, and the sales so far have a little exceeded the appraisment. We expect the Tavern Stand and about seventy acres will be saved to him and his family. His fathers farm at the Church is sold to Benj. Hockes a store keeper who owns Schwar’s property and keeps store there. He gives 75 per acre, $8000 Cash and the remainder in two equal yearly payments. 163 acres and 100 perches. He intends putting his store in the brick house and his farmer in the old store stand. I believe Clay will carry Pennsylvania. The rank and file of the Loco’s are not in favor of Martin VanBuren. Besides many of them are firm Tariffetes. A week or more has passed away since I wrote the foregoing and we now have spring like weather, the snow melting fast away and sleighing past. I received a letter the other day from Robert McBay who lives in Pike County Indiana. He says prices of all things are as good there as with you. He also says that Alex. Graydon now keeps a hard ware store in Indianapolis and is doing a fine businefs. McBay is trading on the Ohio to New Orleans. Robert G. Graydon I think is still studying medicine in Harrisburg. We are all well


Mr John Geddes William Geddes

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