Letter From William Geddes to John Geddes, January 15, 1841

Author: William Geddes

Date: January 15, 1841

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Palmyra Jan. 15th 1841

Dear Brother [John Geddes]

I just now received your letter of 7th inst. I was unwell for more than a month with the influenza from the beginning of Nov. and in consequence delayed answering yours of the 23rd Oct. to I think in Dec. but what day I cant recollect, but anyhow it ought to have reached you before this. The influenza prevails very much in our Country and has carried off numbers of old people. Old Andrew Henry and John Miller of this place are now confined with it. R.G. Graydon was here last week and I paid him $1000. He is about 5 feet 6 inches high and might weigh 130 pounds. He is not good looking nor do I think he is so smart a man as he was a boy. He intends going to College [hole] more but what he means to follow he has not yet [hole] on. I wanted him to say what he would allow me to have out of his share for my trouble lost time & expense in settling the four Estates that I have had to [settle] in order to settle fathers. So that I need not file an administration account and spend more for nothing; but he would not. The four Estates are Samuel McClure’s John Carper’s, John Sawyers and Father’s own. I would prefer settling with the heirs and think they ought to be liberal towards me as I have not only rendered very esential service to the interests of all but been at a great lofs of time and expense. I am willing to square accounts with you Michigan heirs, and think that I have suffered still more than any of you notwithstanding it might appear a high charge. If I had not defeated Sawyer, and it was a hard strugle, I would no doubt have been attacked by McFadden and others, & the Contest would have been a mischievous one. We are now all well and have been except that bad cough that I had in Nov. A. Graydon is not in any businefs at present.

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Let me know what the amount of my taxes are the first oppertunity. Were being taxed here 30 cents on every $100 dollars that brings 6 pr cent interest. County rates 30 cts pr. $100 valuation 12 1/2 cents pr. $100 valuation for Roads. We have had at least 4 feet snow this winter. Last week it rained slowly nearly all the time and washed away the snow and made a great flood, but done no mischief in our neighborhood. The day before yesterday we again got a foot of snow & it continues Cloudy and drisly and warm. The mercury was 10 below Zero on Sunday week an[d] 13 on the Monday and 10 on Tuesday following and on the Wednesday of the same week it flew up to 40 above and has been very little below freezing since. Prices are Wheat 85 cts, Rye 45, Corn 35, Oats 25, Potatoes 25, Beef $6 and Pork 5 1/2 pr. Cwt, Butter 12 1/2 cts pr lb. Mrs. Shearer has sold her share in the Hummelstown Bridge and intends moving west in the Spring with her soninlaw Hammaker. Give my best respects to Mr Ewers and sister. Nothing more at present. Farewell

John Geddes, Esqr. William Geddes

You neglected to frank your letter and of course I had to pay 25 cts for it

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