Letter From William Geddes to John Geddes, December 15, 1838

Author: William Geddes

Date: December 15, 1838

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[This was added by William to the following letter from John.]

It will not be advisable to have the power of attorney subscribed by a witnefs or acknowledged before any office for when there is no subscribing witnefs the oath of the attorney is sufficient proof of the execution of the power. In this case John Geddes, being familiar with the hand writing of Wm could testify to the Execution of it. December 15th 1838 You have only to sign this power of Attorney it seems Their is some difficulty with the said Rail-Road – and they Engineers are running another route and their is a prospect of the Rail-Road not touching your land But they have been on your land and grubbed a whole through it. for which you will be entitled to some damage. But if you had given me the whole management of this affair with the privilege of doing what I pleased I would have taken the $140; and paid back what I pleased of it if they had run the route some where else. Now I will have to settle with them some and take what I can get. Sue them etc. The difficulty with the Rail Road is in Ypsilanti. I think it highly probable it will not go through you land at all. I am in a hurry and I will leave you a little room to write we are all well heard nothing about Uncle James John

[William added the following to the letter received from John Geddes

and wrote around the large hole created when the seal was opened.] I received a letter last week from Sister Ann’s husband of Newville in which he informs me that uncle James died in August last but it gave no particulars merely stated the fact of his death. I had heard Mr. Fisher say sometime in October that he had seen an account of his death he thought but was not just sure so I thought no more of it thinking he might have been mistaken. But it appears he has actually paid the debt of nature and there is now but one of the generation [hole] as remaining. He says mr Johnson is in good health but his partner Aunt [hole] is in a very delicate state and is not expected to live much longer. All our [other] relations at Newville are in good health. Mother had received a letter [from] brother James of Illinois and him & Agrippa were well and contented with [their] new homes. Money they say is very scarce in Illinois and a great deal of [land] is selling for taxes. Did you ever make any thing [from the] land bought for taxes. I saw [in] a Philadelphia paper that a Judge of the United States Court decided that no Rail Road Company can enter on any man’s lands untill it has first got the consent of the owner and actually laid an injunction on a certain Rail Road not to proceed to [till] it has such consent. If that is [actually] the law of the United States the Rail Road Companies and their partial [hole] are not going to do as they plan. I leave the whole matter now to you but still [hole] is doubtful whether you will gain any thing going to law with them it [hole] be best to let them alone. But if they go on with their Road I think it would [be] well enough to threaten them with an injunction by the United States Court unlefs they would at least pay you $300 and I am confident that before they would risk it that they would pay that sum for they are certainly aware of this decision of the United States Court and it is perhaps that that is stoping it at Ypsilanti for it was some Corporate Town that has stopt another Road. I think Louisville but am not certain. I dont want to be unreasonable but still I will not be imposed on by no man or Company of men. I am so busily engaged at present that I have hardly time to attend to this matter. Our Legislature of last winter ordered the statistics of the State to be taken by the Afsefsors & I am at it in our township [hole] cannot take any account of more than 10 establishments in a day & could not [commence] [hole] till lately. I am threatened with blows but as yet have got none. I [stain & hole] [cannot persuade the folks] that it is not for the purpose of taxation. Those false returns from Philadelphia County has nearly revolutionized the state. The Porter party in attempting to cheat Naylor out of his seat in Congrefs partially cheated their members of the legislature out of their seats and to remedy that they brought a mob and took pofsefsion by force and have kept it in the lower house. I heard it was finally settled yesterday but there is no certainty we have so many contradictory stories you need not expect any answer to your former letter more than this. This is mailed to day and was received yesterday. Would you be willing to give me as much per acre for my share of our partnership lot as that man offered for my other land. Give me a particular account of the damage the Railroad has done if they proceed no further


John Geddes William Geddes

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