Letter From William Geddes to John Geddes, May 1, 1837

Author: William Geddes

Date: May 1, 1837

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Palmyra May 1st 1837

Dear Brother, [John Geddes] I received yours of the 15th April yesterday and to avoid your further displeasure will answer it without delay. I am sorry that my last was not worth sifting of its chaff for the little grain that was in it, especially when all kinds bear such good prices. Although your found but few grains of any kind in my letter there was certainly not a single one of ill humour, of which yours so much abounds. I have appealed to the Supreme Court and expect to have it tried next week month I mean, when if it is decided against me and the decision of the Orphans Court confirmed I will file an administration account chargeing myself with what father rec’d. from Boals [administrators] with interest from 16 March 1822 and charge well [hole] trouble ask credit for all the costs father was at in the defence of Grandfathers will with interest which will bring the ballance in my favor and if its not allowed send it up to the Supreme Court when they will see the full extent of fathers lofs in endeavoring to sustain that will and secure the heirs their just rights, and if they will not then do him justice allow heirs for defending what he was bound to defend out of the estate I will have to submit and pay the rascally demand. Mr Laird showed that he paid the 16 March 1822 $637.24 [?] interest = to $592.31 on the 16th Sept. 1837 when the next Orphans Court will sit – in all $1229.55 Adm. charge $179.55 leaves $1050 to be distributed of which John Sawyer the Court decided had nothing to get in his own right but might have as afsignee of the children of Robert Geddes. Now in order that you may see what chance he has of that I will give you as brief a history of the estate as I can. The ballance against father on his executor acct. was $1311.11 which was distributed in the Case of Sawyer McFadden

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in this way John Sawyer being in pofsefsion of the whoel real estate was not allowed any thing: Joseph Sawyer who had received from Grandfather $2958.33, Sarah McDonald $998.95 1/2 were also allowed nothing as well as John Boal who had rec’d. $1431.71 1/2 but Robert Geddes who had rec’d. $266.67 was to have $624.51, Sawyer McFadden who had rec’d. $474.67 was allowed $416.51, Joseph Clokey who had rec’d. $800 was allowed $91.18 and John Allen who had rec.’d $852.12 was to receive $39.06 which equalized the [4 or 5 ?] lowest shares to $891.18 and left the estate thus distributed

To John Sawyer $19000.00 This division was brought about by the Circuit

'' Joseph Sawyer 2958.33 Court of Lebanon county by calculating int. on

'' John Boal 1431.71 1/2 the $1311.11 from 4th Sept. 1823 when fathers

'' S. McDonald 998.95 1/2 acc.t was pafsed to the day when Sawyer McFadden

'' John Allen 891.18 obtained judgement 5 years and 8 months after

'' Joseph Clokey 891.18 = $445.77 int. $1311.11 = 1756.58, 1/3 off for the

'' S. McFadden 891.18 widow left $1171.26 to be distributed and was as

'' Robert Geddes 891.18 mentioned above. And now upon the same

principle the $637.24 and interest will have to be disposed of and will produce the following result or ought Viz John Boal having refunded $637.24

will leave the estate thus,

To John Sawyer – out of the question Which will bring me indebted to John Boal $273.55

'' Joseph Sawyer '' '' '' '' to S. McDonald $69.07 and to the rest each

'' John Boal 794.47 1/2 $176.84 1/2 equalizing all the shares but the two.

'' S. McDonald 998.95 1/2 And as this money was collected for the payment

'' John Allen 891.18 of costs entirely according to the evidence of Mr

'' Joseph Clokey 891.18 Laird himself and it is clear that those who are

'' S. McFadden 891.18 to receive it are all indebted to me as fathers

'' Robert Geddes 891.18 executor for more than their shares of the money

To which add the $1050.00 except McFadden it is

Divided by 6 ÷ 6408.15

Each share = $1068.02 1/2

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very wrong that I must be compelled to spend money to settle that wants no settling so far as Sawyer on his own or our right is concerned for it will take our share as well as the others out of the $637.24 the article of agreement with the heirs to pay costs being older than the assignments of the children of Robert Geddes. So that the only chance Sawyer can have will be to sue me for the ballance of our $624.51 which father was allowed out of $1311.11 after deducting our share of fathers own costs, that rec’d. from Boal being for the payment Sawyers. When I will plead the limitation act which I believe allows but 7 years for an heir to call on his share on an account settled by an Administrator as well as that father sold him nothing but what was uncollected and not what he had in Cash in his pockets. [tear] You seem rather to boast of your settlement; but with [tear] in my opinion for you could have obtained two hundred or [tear] for your share of Grandfathers landed estate and left father keep the personal and I could have the offer of $2000 for my land independant of the 100 which has brought me into such a scrape. Thomas & Agrippa started the 17th April from Newville to Illinois, Sawyer is confined to bed ever since our trial and will die. Wheat $2.00 Rye $1.25 Corn .75 Oats .50, Potatoes .30, Cows from $20. to $30. We have very cold backward weather and the grain looks very bad; We had 18 in. snow on Sunday the 23rd April which lay in part two days. We have had a dry spring and waters are low. B. Bell has been bit in his last years land speculation and has again commenced farming himself. It turns out that there is claims against his land in Illinois which will make it a poor matter of gain. And he bought a house and lot in Ohio for $1800 on which he paid $400 last spring and had a mind to let that be forfeited but the man came here determined to sue him if he did not pay the ballance according to contract and B. B had to borrow the money and cash up. Mr Sawyer made a will lately and B.B. calculates the be executor when I will have another fool to deal with. He has been telling the people that I will have to pay those $637.24 and int. to Sawyer

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I saw Dr Wilson in Harrisburg in February; who left there in March for Illinois. He has failed very much. His Brother James who follows the public works in partnership with [?] Barron. Hugh Wilson was at Derry two Sundays ago and stands times well and had a young son running beside him. The Clarks have moved to Hummelstown and talk of looking out this summer for a permanent abode but where that is likely to be they themselves dont know. They have been much more fortunate than us for the same man who offered me but $50 pr acre the three different years that I offered our land for sale gave them $75 one half in hand and the rest in 7 or 8 payments. I would have been west this spring with John Wolfersberger who wanted badly to go but I cannot on account of that suit as I must file that account directly after the Supreme Court decides it against me or make myself liable to be attached. I think I will leave this country if I can as soon as the five years are up which the law allows demands to be made in after the death of a person on his Executor. Which will be up on 14th July next if the Supreme Court gives a favorable decision if not I will have to wait to Sept. when my account will be decided upon. All the money I earned is by writing. I earned in March last $30 but in April only $2 so that in a years time I perhaps make my boarding. I purchased out Thomas & Agrippa shares of the third and now have 4/5 shares = $2085.15 keeping back $100 each to meet contingencies which I am still in hopes it will not expecting to pay any thing but McFadden and the costs. Farewell. William Geddes

To John Geddes

[written sideways in the margins]

Sue that postmaster for examining your newspapers for the law forbids him to even take the wrapper off a single paper