Letter From John Geddes to William Geddes, September 19, 1835

Author: John Geddes

Date: September 19, 1835

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Ann Arbor, September 19th 1835

Dear Brother [William Geddes] I was preparing to start for Pa. when on paying my last visit to the Post Office, which was yesterday I received quite unexpectedly a letter from Eliza McAllen informing me that she had disposed of herself to a “Mr Robert Strain a gentleman whom I have had a great regard for, for two years but whom I never expected to court me, esteeming him highly, admiring him, and considering him a good offer. I felt no reluctance in giving him my heart and hand. I expect if nothing unforeseen occurs that we will be married in about five weeks and start immediately for Springfield; Ohio, which will be our place of residence for some time. He is pious, intelligent, handsome, and has fine manners, and 34 years old. He is a widower, has one son” Consequently I shall defer going to Pa. for the present. If I could just as well go as not I would still go. But the rainy Oats harvest, and Roberts hired man getting sick as soon as the weather become good. has put Roberts work back. And the Mill dam ought have some work done on it. I want to pin [?] a log on the Comb of the dam so as not to have to put on so many boards to raise and keep up the head. These things are urging. And want as much waiting upon or rather as strict attention as the Ladies, and must be done. My losing Eliza you probably think is not a lamentable circumstance for me. I have not and dont intend to take offence at her. She was much more willing to get married than I was. And I was willing she should do better if opportunity offered. For you were all opposed to the match and I did not think my self it would be a suitable one. John Geddes of New Orleans was married a few weeks ago to a Mifs Harris of Hamilton County, Ohio. Robert his brother was daily expected in Fannetsburg. Elizas weight she says is 91 She is very lean at present. and says perhaps it thinking about getting married that ails her. But has not been very well for two or three weeks The friends are all well; This is the news of her letter. I have not heard from Jane lately Marias journey to Broome has agreed with her; we are expecting [her] home in a week. Robert, me, and the little ones are well. This has been a cool and healthy season. We had a frost on the 15th of this month. which affected the Corn and Potatoes considerable. The Thermometer was 40 degrees. The cool summer has made corn late and there will not be a good crop Wheat is .80 Cash pr Bu in Ann Arbor. I am quite behind hand in news from Pa. And I hope you will on receipt of this send me a long letter close and compact as a Macedonian phalanks. The Ohio war is over, and no body killed. General Jackson interfered and removed our acting Governor. and the militia were sent home. At present we are without a Governor. And it is presumed we will not have any until our State officers are elected which is the first monday in October. The Whigs make no opposition to the Van Buren nominations in this Territory. Stevens T. Mason (who was lately removed by Jackson) is the Van Buren candidate for Governor and I have no doubt will be elected Probably it would be suitable for you to winter in Michigan I would be glad to see you If I had as much time as you have I would certainly call to see you and the rest of them. I want to know what our half Brothers are about. Bring Hannah More memoirs with you I am too lazy to write any more at this time Farewell John Geddes

to William Geddes

[Written below postal marking; election returns?]

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Northumberland 835 - 753 - 1253

Columbia 767 - 861 - 1247

Perry 732 - 705 - 784

Union 1800 - 423 - 516

Lebanon 500 majority