Letter From William Geddes to John Geddes, January 4, 1831

Author: William Geddes

Date: January 4, 1831

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Campbellstown Jan. 4th 1831

Dear Brother [John Geddes] I received your letter Containing the deed on/of Saturday the first day of January and have complied with your directions exactly both as to time and Substance and I think the deed as it now is, is suffecient for any honest man’s purpose. But if there shall be any defect found in it that would make it only optional with him whether he would fulfill his part of the agreement or no[t] he may be left slip for what I care: Provided he is willing to bury the whole matter in o[b]livian. But if when he finds that there is/was a defect in it: he shall insift on having the penalty for non fulfillment. I should think that your offering to defend the title against all lawful claims: until the defect in the deed could be supplied would be suffecient to secure you: together with our willingnefs which we have manifested in the matter. At least it should defend the payment of damages. If the instrument is lawful in every respect I wish you then to demand its acceptance unlefs he shall make it satisfactorily appear to you that he is not able to fulfill his engagements: and in that Case as he has been unfortunate in this world I dont want you to ask more than what will pay the expense we have been at. If he has made any improvements of a moveable nature I would not let him remove them without paying the value of them. You will let me know if he has cut any timber off the land or has put any of it in grain in your next. If he or any other man shall want to purchase any of my land for the future they must take your obligation to defend the title untill I shall personally appear

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to make a deed in due form: and pay you the Cash agreeable to the agreement you shall make. We have had a very wet disagreeable fall and the winter except four days which were as cold as any we had last winter is of a piece with it for it still continues to rain half of the time that pafses. We had a midling heavy thunder gust on the 31st of Dec. the thunder struck a tree near Joseph Gingrich’s. Let me know if you had any on that day. There has been several slight snows. The Union Canal was frozen shut in that cold spell, but is now in boating order: though a great many dont like to risk it. Flour is worth about 5.00 Beef & Pork 4.00 & 4.50 Corn & Rye 50 cents Oats .25. Walter Clark has married sometime in December to a daug[h]ter of squire Stroh of Millerstown S.C. No fortune. Your relations and acquaintances are all as far as I know as they were save James Clark & his sifter have had a severe attack of the billous intermittant fever: but are recovered again & Nancy Malony has went to live with Col. Boal. I know of nothing more that would be worth your knowing but that we are all well
To John Geddes Wm. Geddes Wm. Graydon Esqr. said that the laws of Pennsylvania required two Evidences to every instrument of writing & advised me to go before another person least it might be the case in Michigan too. An additional one cannot injure the deed. The cost of acknowledging was 62 1/2 cents. The only objection that can be made to the deed is to its being dated prior to the first of of [sic] June on the time that the agreement call’d for the payment of the money. If you had not fill’d in the time of the month and year we could have made all the dates the same which would have looked better. I mentioned this to Graydon & he said it made no difference if I could have made a good title at that time; which you know I could have done at any time since I purchased it. If the dates were alike the tenth of December is equally as good as the third of June with respect to the time the agreement calls for, or too the strength of the obligation

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[in the following first three lines severe tears from the seals]

The deed & the [hole] two things the one is not connected [hole] an additional evidence of my act which might be done at the time of making the deed or at any time after & answer an equal purpose. The distance from a Notary or other unavoidable delays might be argued for the difference of date. Much more might be said but it is not necessary – I thought at first I would say nothing about it but having time and paper plenty and thinking you would think the time not lost that it would take you to read it I concluded to scribble ahead though it were uselefs.

[three-quarters of page 3 is blank following the above.]

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