Letter From William Geddes to John Geddes, April 17, 1830

Author: William Geddes

Date: April 17, 1830

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Palmyra April 17th 1830

Dear Brother [John Geddes] I have been and am still so much confined in doors by my present occupation that it is a punishment to me to sit down and write: especially when the weather is so fine as it is to day. But least I should again be too late I have commenced to write without knowing what to write; having no news of much consequence save that of the death of the unfortunate McClure who died six days after you wrote on the 14th of March Poor boy wasted away untill he was a perfect skeleton daily swallowing the doctor’s pills and without a murmur. Feeding himself up with the hopes of life untill within twelve hours of his untimely end. No one would believe that had not been an eye witness that a man could persuade himself that that [sic] he could live but so it is was [sic] with Samuel when he was but a shadow of man scarcely able to lift his hand to his head he fancied he was getting better. He was able to walk a little about the room till the last. He took something worse than usual about eleven Oclock in the forenoon on sunday and was a Corp[se] at twelve at night. He is worth or rather his property that he left behind him about 500 dollars. Isabel is as usual. The Fox’s have been pushed by some of James Fox’s Creditors and yesterday they shut up the Store until a decision is had on the point Christian Landis and one McCord has started to the City for goods and will open Store at John Henry’s Philip Myers Jacob Early’s son in law commenced a Store near Bachman’s Mill this spring and Samuel Carper his neighbour will open shortly also. Ferdinand Ringle gave up the ship about a month ago and has defrauded the rich farmers of Sulpehochen of something handsome but their not ruined. But our schoolmate David Dasher is by the monkey rascal. John Herman & Samuel Longnecker have set up in Campbellstown in Dasher and Ringle’s Place where Schwar kept. Christian

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Sheller it is said not be able to meet the demands that will be shortly brought against him. John Wolfersberger has sold Carpers and Peters places for 50 dollars per Acre to one of the Hollingers. Samuel Carper has moved to where he bough[t] this Spring – when he was going to start he Cryd such a liking he had to sweet Campbellstown. Michael Dininger married Mifs Jontz since I wrote one of Henry Jontz daughters who broke up too before he died. James Clark is still living where [he] did and follows his old employment doing nothing and is the good moral Character still. I saw Walter to day he is in good health and spirits he gave me an account of some of his dealings in his usual way. He is certainly making money but into the good will of the ladies he does not appear to come any speed. James Wilson is as he was. I know nothing concerning the Doctor. The Ladies of Hanover have done nothing since I wrote. I have heard nothing of our relations since I wrote except it was since I wrote that cousin Robert was to see us something I dont just recollect at present. He called to see us sometime in the winter on his way from Philadelphia. William was well of any others he could give us very little information – his Brother John was engaged in some businefs in New Orleans but I cant just recollect what. Berryhill Bell has purchased a boat and is gone down for the first time he asked .56 ••• cents per Barrel for flour which is likely the present price but I think it will be taken for .37 1/2 The rates of toll I can send you if you choose. That is Canal Company rates The Canaling businefs is checked a little there has been no new work determined for this year they are going to finish what they have commenced. They got money on good terms notwithstanding the times were threatning The Prices are still about what they were except Wheat flour has raised 25 cents per Bbl. Father has given the Postmaster orders to send the young Doctor word that his paper will not be lifted and since we have received no more and I think you might as well discontinue sending your newspapers for we have the Harrisburg Antimasonick papers in Campbellstown which treat the matter more largely and another thing they are nearly torn to pieces when the[y] arrive. I am an Anti mason but I concern myself so little about the matter that seldom read an

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Item for or against [torn] Father had some conversation a short time ago with [torn] Gloninger of Lebanon respecting the present [torn] political sect that has sprung up the doctor said that he had not been at a lodge for a number of years but of late he had attended and talked something about their having made a man who had been a great Antimason a Mason but who he did not say and he said also that they had increased considerably since the present excitement had begun. This is what a Mason said whether it is so I can not say but this is all that I know on the subject. The weather has been very fine this spring so far and all kind of Crops look well. There is not the least doubt but they Mason will [be] defeated in the next contest for Governor in Pennsylvania and Anti masonry may possibly be the means of defeating Jackson here but it may or it may not it is hard to say but I will for one vote for the General still without something can be brought to impeach his conduct since he has been Elected otherwise I shall alter my opinion much. Father sowed his Oats on tuesday The Sun is setting and I can not think of any thing more that might give you the least pleasure or profit to know but that we are all well at Present.

To John Geddes William Geddes