From Animal House to Our House with Writer and Preservationist Ron Tanner

Monday June 10, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Twelve years ago, Ron Tanner and his then-girlfriend, Jill, did the impossible. They bought condemned property -- a big Baltimore Victorian brownstone - and vowed to bring it back to its original glory.

The house had been home to Baltimore's most notorious fraternity for a decade and now, wrecked and abandoned, it was filled with garbage. If that weren't daunting enough: Ron and Jill had been dating for only six months and they knew nothing about fixing up old houses! Friends, family, and concerned onlookers told them not to do it - they would surely lose their shirts and their love in the bargain.

In 2003, Ron and Jill were married in the house. In 2008, This Old House magazine did a feature about the couple and their house. Ron also wrote a book about their experience - "From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story," which was published in 2012....and the adventure still continues.

Join us for a delightful evening as Ron provides some hilarious tales and sound advice about fixing old houses -- including an awesome slide show! The event includes a book signing and books will be on sale.