Arduino Introduction with All Hands Active

Sunday May 12, 2013: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Training Center

Arduino, the popular open-source single-board microcontroller is designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible. This amazing, accessible technology is used by arts installation designers, kids, and computer scientists, and now we're bringing that technology to you! The Arduino is small, about the size of a deck of cards, but you can customize it to do some big things!

All Hands Active will show people how to get their Arduino's up and running, where to find code, and how to program these devices, and then we'll connect them to buttons, noise makers, and lights. By the end, you'll know enough to get started on your own customizable projects!

This event is for adults and teens (grade 6 and up).