Maker Works: Tools + Place + People

Now through February 27, 2013 -- Downtown Library: Lower Level Display Cases

Tucked away in an industrial building near the Ann Arbor airport is a year-old business that's been described as a "health club for geeks," aka Maker Works. Spread through the 14,000 sq. ft. building is a full wood shop, metal shop, electronics lab, and textile and plastics studio, each featuring tools from the high-tech to the low-tech, often in "industrial" size. Membership is available on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, and provides access to all the areas and tools.

Maker Works provides classes in the safe operation of the tools, as well as skill development and project-oriented classes. But the biggest draw for many is the community of makers who share their knowledge and enthusiasm. On a typical day you may find engineers from a small business fabricating exacting parts on a computer-driven milling machine, while nearby an inventor is busy prototyping a new product on a lathe. An artist may be engraving their artwork with a laser engraver, while a teacher is vacuum forming props for a play. High-school students are everywhere, working on complex robots for competition at the national level. Nearby buildings are filling with small businesses interested in being close to the high-tech playground.

This unique exhibit will feature examples of the creative output from Maker Works members in a variety of materials and techniques.