One Eye, Many Views: Photographs by Denise Rohde

Now through February 27, 2013 -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room Exhibit

The photographer can document the truth or try to create it...

Traditionally trained in photographic processes at Rutgers University and the University of Illinois, Denise Rohde embraced digital imaging and editing to create a unique style. "The computer allows me to play not only the traditional role of the photographer, capturing and analyzing reality, but also that of a painter, interpreting and contorting my subjects. This permits me to explore both the real and the unreal. By deconstructing and reconstructing familiar subjects' images, my photographs have a dream-like quality that appeals to a broad audience."

The work of Denise Rohde has been exhibited throughout the United States (New York, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, and Florida) and has earned several honors, including first place at the Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards.