Wall Portraits by Judith Jacobs

Now through January 14, 2013 -- Downtown Library: 3rd Floor Exhibit

For the last two years, Ann Arbor native Judith Jacobs has been especially interested in the illusion of collage on the printed surface. In her exhibit, "Wall Portraits," she uses Photoshop layers to position papers and graffiti one might find on real walls and creates onscreen new, unique walls of her imagining. These layers are made from scans and from her own photos of the materials, including actual paper-and-paste collages. From there, she does further digital manipulation. Finally, her work is printed on a wide-format, fine-art digital printer using archival inks and paper.

Judith Engel Jacobs earned a B.S. in Design from the University of Michigan in 1964, majoring in painting and printmaking. For many years her medias were monotype and collage. In 1999 she transitioned to digital printmaking. Judith has exhibited her works on paper for over 40 years in regional and national shows and in arts publications. For more information and images of all her digital work, visit her website, www.judithjacobs.com.