City Of Ann Arbor 2013 Sustainable Ann Arbor Forums: Planning for Change in Our Community

Wednesday January 9, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

This first in a series of four discussions (held monthly and ending in April) centers on Sustainable Systems, including the impacts of current and predicted weather changes in the community and on the City's constructed and natural infrastructure. Building on the public forums from last year, the 2013 forums will focus on planning for change in the community. A think tank of local stakeholders, including University of Michigan faculty, representatives from community organizations, and city commissioners, join City of Ann Arbor staff and the public to discuss local sustainability concepts and efforts--past, present and future.

Tonight's presentations will be given by Matt Naud, Environmental Coordinator, City of Ann Arbor; Dan Brown, Research Associate, UM Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessment; Jen Lawson, Water Quality Manager, City of Ann Arbor; Cresson Slotten, Systems Planning Unit Manager, City of Ann Arbor; Rick Norman, Director of Emergency Management, City of Ann Arbor; and Jason Frenzel, Adopt-A-Stream & Stewardship Coordinator, Huron River Watershed Council. The presentations will discuss conditions that are changing in the community and past and potential actions to adapt to change. Each program will also include tips for individual actions that residents may take. There will be an audience Q&A after the presentations.