More Than Senior Moments: Understanding A Common Cause Of Changes In Thinking And Behavior

Tuesday October 16, 2012: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Changes in behavior such as loss of interest in hobbies, irritability, memory loss, and mobility can be caused by many things. However, for an increasing number of individuals, these changes may be signs of Lewy Body Disease.

Lewy body disease usually begins between the ages of 50 and 85. The disease gets worse over time and can be hard to diagnose, because Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease cause similar symptoms. Scientists think that Lewy Body Disease might be related to these diseases, or that they sometimes happen together.

Learn more about this disease with this expert panel. Panelists include: Henry L. Paulson, MD, Ph.D., Lucile Groff Professor, U-M Department of Neurology, Director, Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center, Director, UMind (U-M Initiative on Neurodegenerative Diseases); Nina Abney, LMSW Clinical Social Work Coordinator, U-M Geriatrics Center; and Tamara Real, Care Partner of Carl Rinne.

The panel will be moderated by Arijit Bhaumik, BA Sr. Clinical Trial Coordinator, Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center.