Equilibrium: Paintings By Cathy Barry

October 3, 2014 through October 30, 2014 -- Malletts Creek Branch: Exhibits

This group of paintings explores Cathy Barry’s ongoing interest in views of land, space and the cosmos as seen from many types of references: aerial photography, cartography, astrophotography and images from the Hubble telescope.

She finds the imagery very beautiful and though provoking. Her process involves splattering, sanding, scraping, rubbing and layering, using templates to build up each layer. She also uses drawing and watercolors to inform the oil paintings.

Dancing Babies with Denise Owens

Saturday November 8, 2014: 10:00 am to 10:40 am -- Malletts Creek Branch: Exhibits

This event is intended for 0-5 years.

Denise Owens, Teacher of KinderMusik, leads a program of music and motion at the Library!