Downtown Elevator Repair Update: Downtown Library Is Closed

Repair work for the public elevator requires the Downtown Library to be closed for an indefinite period. The repair requires casings that are concreted into the elevator shaft to be removed. A drilling rig was brought in on Thursday, and the work area is exposed. This makes it impossible for the Downtown library to be open to the public.

All other library branches are open, and it is possible to send Holds to those locations for pickup if you prefer to avoid the uncertainty of the open hours Downtown. We will extend Hold periods for those items on the Hold Shelf Downtown and those items have been relocated to Traverwood Branch. All programs scheduled for Downtown will be relocated or cancelled. Please check the Events listing for updates on programs.

Downtown codes will be found by looking into the windows. Look for Josie's Chickens. They are worth 2, 000 points!

For more information see my previous post and please accept our apologies for the disruption.


Public Elevator at Downtown Library Out of Service

The public elevator in the Downtown Library failed a routine safety inspection earlier this month, and is out of service. The repairs needed will require that the elevator remain out of service for most of this summer. We are not planning on having the elevator back in operation before Labor Day weekend. If you are visiting the Downtown Library and are unable to use the stairway, please ask any AADL staff person for assistance. We will escort you through staff areas to the freight elevator in order to get you to your desired location in the Library.

The lower level of the Downtown Library will be closed to the public when the repairs are being made. We know that there will be noise and unpleasant fumes from the work. We expect work to begin soon after July 1. If at all possible the noisiest and most unpleasant work will be done mornings before the Library opens. The noise, vibration, and fumes may require that the Library be closed during regular hours and on short notice. We will do our best to make these decisions in a manner that is respectful of your time and your need for the services available in the Downtown location of the AADL.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and hopefully, it will remain merely an inconvenience. Please let me know if we need to do more for you while the public elevator is being repaired.


Our Stars Are YOUR Stars

The AADL enjoyed another 5-star year, and we have put together an annual report video highlighting the many moments, events, numbers, and milestones that together give us all a library that we can celebrate.

We thank you for the way you use and enjoy your public library. It is the best compliment that we can receive.

We count on your telling us how we can do better, and more at the AADL, and hope that you will spread the word about YOUR public library.


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Branch Closures Monday January 6

AADL will be closing three branches this evening at 6:00 PM due to staff shortages. Traverwood, West, and Pittsfield branches of the AADL will close this evening at 6:00 PM.

Malletts Creek and Downtown will remain open until 9:00 PM this evening. We will attempt to open tomorrow regular hours. We will post updates to this site, and on social media.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. It is cold out there!


AADL will Open At NOON on Monday, January 6

The Library will open at NOON on Monday, January 6, all locations. Fines have not accrued on items left in dropboxes, and holds expiring Sunday or Monday will remain available for a few days.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this closure. Please don't hesitate to ask us for assistance with matters related to your library account once we are back open tomorrow.

Travel with care.


Five Years and 5 Stars

The AADL has once again been named a 5 Star library in Library Journal's Index of Public Library Service. This ranking is not a competition, but is a reflection of how a public library within a budget category is used by its community. The AADL ranks fifth of eleven in the five star ranking for libraries in America with a budget of $10M - $29.9M.

AADL's experience has ranked us consistently in the top five in our budget category for five stars since 2009. In all of America, star libraries make up only 3.5% of all eligible public libraries across the country. We are the only 5 star library in MI, and while we wish there were more in our state, we are pleased that Ann Arbor uses its library so well and so obviously. We are measured per capita by how many times our libraries are visited each year, how many people attend our programs, the number of sessions logged on computers at the library, and how many items are borrowed.

These numbers are the evidence that you and your neighbors are coming in to attend storytimes, meet with tutors, use the assistive technology lab, speak at public meetings, visit an exhibit of local art, use a room for a neighborhood association meeting, meet an author, compete in a Lego contest, make something, or sit quietly before a fireplace and knit. These numbers tell us that you are using the computers at the library either out of necessity or convenience to search and apply for jobs, for college admissions, to register for the Affordable Care Act, or to keep up with friends and family on Facebook, and you are borrowing materials at a rate per capita that is astounding and outstanding.

You are living the mission of the Ann Arbor District Library, and we thank you for allowing us the privilege of holding up our end of the bargain.

See you at the Library.


Karl Pohrt 1947-2013

The Ann Arbor District Library Board and staff acknowledge the passing of one of the community’s great citizens.

Karl Pohrt was such an enormous part of what we, as a library, put forward and of what we all aspire to. We regret deeply his passing. We wish his family well, and hope that his work continues far into the future, and we celebrate all that he added to the community.

AADL, Art Fairs, and You

As we have done for many years, AADL works to make using the public library and enjoying the Art Fairs compatible activities. For those who do not go near Downtown when the Art Fairs are happening, any requested item may be picked up in a branch location.

All hold periods are extended through this week, so a hold held Downtown will still be here for you Sunday when the tents and crowds are long gone. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, loan periods were set up so that nothing is due this week!

Enjoy the week wherever you happen to be!


Malletts Creek Closed, Wednesday, July 3

The Malletts Creek Branch is closed today, July 3, due to malfunctions in the mechanical system resulting from a power outage. The branch will not reopen today, but all other locations are open until 9:00 PM this evening. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Malletts Creek Closed Today

All locations of the AADL are open today EXCEPT Malletts Creek. Due to a power outage, Malletts Creek will not open today. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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