Sweet Genevieve Film, 1941

Sweet Genevieve Film, 1941

Melvin C. Shumaker of Frains Lake peers through the camera lense during the filming of the 30-minute silent movie, Sweet Genevieve. The 1941 film, produced and directed by Shumaker, was cast with a surprisingly unacquainted group of Superior Township amateurs and a host of extras from the community. Standing behind Shumaker is Richard Leslie, who played the movie's villain, and in the carriage. Helen Lidke Hermanns (the movie's heroine), Joanne Galpin (her daughter in the film) and Charles Martin who played Hermann's father.

Keywords: Frain Lake, Superior Township, city & town life, carts & wagons

pictureAnnArbor: Dale Leslie
Date: 1941

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