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Date Received: 2005-01-20
Type: complaint
Regarding: facility issue

Patron Comment: It appears the typewriters on the 3rd floor have been deliberately programmed to sabotage efforts at using them. This has been the case for along time. I am a 64 year old Vietnam Veteran, decorated, who once needed to use those typewriters for important business purposes. If they are not 'deprogrammed' or repaired within a period of one month from today, I intend to inform my State Representative and to take other action steps. I have had it, as a social worker and former university teacher, with this library's and this city's ongoing perturbation of its retired and underpriveleged citizens. Basil Bernstein is Head of the University of London's Sociology Dept. and I strongly suggest you read his paper "Visible and Invisible Pedagogies" and adjust your tactics in accendance with human rights guidelines. I would not like to be the one to expose these operations publicly but will do so if needed.

AADL Reply: Thank you for contacting me concerning the typewriters at the Downtown Library. I assure you that they have not been programmed to malfunction. I have asked that they be checked and kept in good working order. Please let me know if the working condition of the typewriters continues to be a barrier to your use of the Library. I apologize if you have been inconvenienced in anyway.

Date Received: 2005-01-20
Type: Making of Ann Arbor Feedback
Regarding: compliment

Patron Comment: I am going to relocate to Michigan, going home, after 30 years in Los Angeles. Your website is incredible! I am going to recommend that our Convention and Visitor's Bureau in Pasadena, CA, take a look at what spectacular work you have done here with the slideshows. This idea would be a great shot in the arm to enhancing our website to promote our city for convention travelers. And Southern California thinks it's so 'edgey', Hah! Ann Arbor truly has it going on! This website is probably the best I've ever seen from a promotional standpoint. I truly get a sense of the life here and its amenities. Thank you for developing this and bringing me back to a state I love. Perhaps the best website of a city I've ever seen. You have done amazing work! Keep it up.

AADL Reply:

Date Received: 2005-01-19
Regarding: computers

Patron Comment: Is the library going to conduct more training courses for Excel and Access programs?

AADL Reply: Thank you for your suggestion regarding training classes in Excel and Access. As a trainer, I have been working on another course in Excel beyond the basic one we are already teaching. The new course will begin in the September, October, and November 2005 cycle. Access is not a software I have thought of to include in the training schedule. I will keep your request in mind as the public computer class program continues to grow and develop. Thank you again for your suggestion.

Date Received: 2005-01-18
Type: suggest a title
Regarding: other

Patron Comment: I noticed today that there is a wonderful piece of property for sale at the corner of Nixon and Bluett. It is next to Clague School, within walking distance from both Logan and Thurston elementary schools and on a bus route. It might be wise to consider it for a new, Northeast Branch library for there is not much vacant land available in this corner of town and in such a good, visable spot as well.

AADL Reply: Thank you for keeping the Library in mind. I do know of the property. We are still working to secure a new location to build a NEB building and receiving support and suggestions from the public is a great help.

Date Received: 2005-01-16
Type: complaint
Regarding: collection

Patron Comment: When I try to browse the DVD collection for popular and recent/current titles, at both Mallets Creek and downtown, there is essentially "nothing" there. The shelves are just about stripped clean. I do place holds through the computer and wait. But I suggest making a limit of one week for the movies--NON_RENEWABLE--with perhaps an exclusion for "educational" or children's videos. Those educational movies could be renewed once. Also, maybe limits could be placed on the number of videos on one card (or address or family or whatever is deemed fair) It would be fun to go to the library, spur- of -the- moment, browse, and pick up one or two NEW or NEWER titles--without having to plan ahead, order, get on a list and wait.

AADL Reply: Thank you for contacting the Library with your concern and suggestion. I am sorry that you are not able to browse at Malletts Creek or Downtown for new DVD's and leave satisfied with your findings. We do know that this is an issue and are working hard to purchase enough copies of new and popular titles to meet demand. Establishing limits is something that some libraries do, and in the past AADL used them too. While it is a solution, we are hoping to do better without establishing limits. Thank you again for letting us know how you feel and how we can improve.

Date Received: 2005-01-15
Type: compliment
Regarding: programs & events

Patron Comment: Hi, I just wanted to compliment the library on the excellent program about car design held at Mallets Creek today. The speaker was great and the slide show and video were excellent. A big thank you should go to the nice librarian who put this program together.

AADL Reply: Anonymous

Date Received: 2005-01-13
Type: complaint
Regarding: Technical Enhancement

Patron Comment: Please abolish this suggestion form and instead provide an email address for suggestions. I spent around 30 minutes writing a suggestion regarding DVDs, but when I attempted to revise and make corrections, it vanished while I was typing. I have no idea whether it got sent or not, and even if it did, parts of it will make little sense because I was still editing it when it vanished from my screen. Forms like this are a barrier to communication. They are difficult to use for the sort of longer messages that are needed to explain why a particular suggestion is needed. Thank you.

AADL Reply: Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your comments about our suggestion form. We are sorry that your DVD submission was lost; please feel free to respond to this message with the details of your suggestion if you haven't already resubmitted it, and we will see that it gets to the proper person. The suggestion form as it currently stands is a built-in feature of our catalog system over which we have very limited control. There are several possible causes that may explain what happened to you, but you may have run into a session timeout intended to keep the system performing smoothly by closing connections that have not been used in the past 30 minutes. Our servers cannot distinguish between a page that someone is typing in and a page that has been loaded and left idle; it's a limitation of the web. In the near term, if you need to compose a lengthy suggestion, you may wish to do so in a word processor, and then copy and paste the finished text into the suggestion box. That will get you around this problem for now. Currently, we are in the process of moving to a new catalog system, and the suggestion box feature will be completely overhauled as a part of that process. We will take your comments into consideration as we are implementing a suggestion mechanism for the new system, although suggestions are likely to continue to be solicited through a web form to ensure that the suggester provides all the needed information, such as author, or library card number when appropriate. In email format, we would not be able to directly prompt the user for this information and the suggestions we received would be more difficult to fulfill. Regardless, our new system will not require such close attention to idle sessions, and the problem we think you experienced should no longer occur. Please let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions. Thanks again for your feedback, and thanks for using the Library!

Date Received: 2005-01-13
Type: suggest a title
Regarding: catalog/searching

Patron Comment: I love the new web format for searching for materials, the way they are listed, etc. I guess it's been around a couple years now. Anyway, the option for "summaries, reviews" almost always has no link available. Even "America" (the book), your number one requested book in the whole system, has no summary, no review. I always click back and forth between Amazon (for researching) and then the library (for borrowing). Bottom line: Please bost reviews and summaries.

AADL Reply: Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the summaries and reviews that are available through our catalog. I'd like to look into this a bit further with you, as I viewed both the summary and review of the book you mentioned directly from our catalog: http://catalog.aadl.org/web2/tramp2.exe/authority_hits/A010l6si.002 I clicked on the "Summaries, Reviews, and More" Link, and got a page that listed additional information including the table of contents, the summary, cover image, and the Publisher's Weekly review. Is that not what you get? When you say that the option almost always has no link available, do you mean that you cannot click on it, or when you do, nothing happens? Some users have trouble with this link working; what browser do you usually use? Please let me know more about your problem, or if there are any other questions you have. Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for using the Library!

Date Received: 2005-01-12
Type: suggest a title
Regarding: collection

Patron Comment: Folks, I imagine that you have a limited budget for new CDs. Perhaps, Encore Records (Liberty) can satisfy some of your needs; used CDs are available at about $4 (I am not connected with the store in any way except as a customer for LPs). However, if you are interested in purchasing new CDs, Gramaphone magazine selects about 10 CDs each month that they consider the best of the new classical releases. In addition, your subscription copy should have a CD that has selections from each of their picks if you want another screen to evaluate their review. I don't know who is picking the new classical CDs for you, but I find his/her taste significantly different than mine. Of course, this will always be the case if--as I guess--only one person is making selections. Perhaps a larger number of people could become involved in the selection. Nevertheless you are running a superb operation, and one that has given me much pleasure (which is more important than elightenment) over the years. Ciao.

AADL Reply: Thank you for your suggestion. While we do have a limited budget, our music selector has maximized his collection dollar for years buying CD's at discount. He does use Encore Records as a source and is pleased with the result. I am sorry that our collection does not match your tastes, but please do not ever hesitate to make suggestions via email or on paper suggestion cards found throughout the library system. We try very hard to buy a solid core collection, but we are always interested in hearing from our patrons about specific items that are lacking in the collection. Thank you again for your compliment and suggestion. I will pass them along to the selector.

Date Received: 2005-01-12
Type: suggest a title
Regarding: customer service

Patron Comment: Your website ought to have a simple link at the bottom of the home page that says "Change your e-mail address".

AADL Reply: I couldn't agree more. We are working to bring a new automation system online in July and are incorporating new patron accounts services into the launch. While I don't know if the one you suggest about email will be present at the launch, it will happen. Thanks for letting me know how we can serve you better.