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Date Received: 2013-11-18
Type: complaint
Regarding: noise

Patron Comment: The tutoring in the study carrel at the Traverwood branch is annoying to the extent that the other people are being too disturbed to be able to concentrate on their works. The carrel area in the library is supposed to be a quiet place for people to read and work on their project. Is it possible for tutoring people to move to the other parts of the library for their tutoring work? I talked to the the librarian, and he seems not able to propose such a request to the tutoring. Thanks,

AADL Reply: Thank you for contacting the Ann Arbor District Library. I am sorry that your visit was disrupted by people using the tutoring rooms/study rooms at the Traverwood Branch. If when you spoke with staff, he did not explain clearly that AADL does allow talking as long as it is within the general noise level, then I apologize. Rule 12 of the AADL Rules of Behavior "Bans conversation and other sounds in louder volume than the general noise level of the area." (http://www.aadl.org/aboutus/policies/behavior). If you are looking for a reliably quiet place to study, may I recommend the third floor of the Downtown Library? It is generally quiet and people make use of it for quiet study regularly. There are also two small rooms with doors on the third floor that are available on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for asking your question and thanks for using your library! Celeste Choate, Associate Director of Services, Collections and Access

Date Received: 2013-11-15
Type: branch expansion comments
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Hi AADL, I have been visiting the Pittsfield Branch for the first time recently. What a fantastic building! -- beautiful and functional. I am particularly interested in the energy performance of the building. The air circulation and passive solar design features seem really well thought out, and I'm sure other things went into the design. I'm just wondering what the overall result has been--how much electricity and heating/cooling energy has the the building been using? Is there any information on that easily available? Thanks, Jan Mueller

AADL Reply: Mr. Mueller, Thanks for the compliments about Pittsfield and for your interest. I have been away, and am just now catching up on correspondence. We haven't made that information available on our website, but we can pull it together for you and send it to this email address. Thanks again for the comments, and the query. Regards, Josie Parker

Date Received: 2013-11-13
Type: programs and events
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: I would like to know when you will be offering the curriculum of computer classes again as I would like to take some of them. LPlease let me know ASAP.

AADL Reply: Thank you for your interest in AADL computer classes! For a list of the remaining classes being offered in November, check out http://www.aadl.org/classes. We will not be offering classes during the month of December, but we would encourage you to check out http://www.aadl.org/handouts, for our recommendations for self-paced online skills-building resources. Sincerely, Terry Soave, Outreach & Neighborhood Services Manager

Date Received: 2013-11-13
Type: general suggestion
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Regarding the public computers - For some odd reason, Calculator is missing from all of the public computers. Why is that? Please consider restoring "Calculator" to the "Accessories" Start menu, so we can compute things while working online. (I've had to use an online version, via a browser, but that is really inconvenient, when Windows comes with one!). Thanks!

AADL Reply: Thanks, nobody's ever mentioned that before! We will look at that for our next update. Thanks for taking the time to send this in, and thanks for using your Library! -eli Eli Neiburger Associate Director for IT and Production Ann Arbor District Library

Date Received: 2013-11-12
Type: programs and events
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Will you please include the date, time, and location of events that you list under "Featured Events" in the right-hand column of some of your web pages -- for those of us with slow internet links, this would save us the step of navigating to your events page. For example, you currently feature the following (no time or place is mentioned): Music From Past Centuries Journey back in time on Saturday, November 16 when nationally-known World Music Specialist Rex Benincasa demonstrates 17th and 18th century musical techniques in an event co-sponsored by the U-M Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments and the Virginia Howard Lecture Series - bringing opportunities for unique musical encounters with musicians and instruments from around the world. Thank you. Betty Smith

AADL Reply: Thanks for your suggestion - and we did start including the info in our listings - thanks again! Tim Grimes Manager, Community Relations and Marketing Dept. Ann Arbor District Library 343 South Fifth Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48104 734-327-4265 grimest@aadl.org

Date Received: 2013-11-11
Type: programs and events
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: What version of Word are you teaching in the computer classes?

AADL Reply: Thanks for your interest in AADL computer classes! The version of Microsoft Office has available on all of our public computers at all AADL locations, is 2013. We currently have scheduled Word Basics on Thursday, November 21, 3:30-5:30pm, at the Traverwood Branch, Training Center; and, Word Intermediate on Wednesday, November 27, 3:30-5:30pm, also at the Traverwood Branch, Training Center. Or, for self-paced/independent skills-building, AADL recommends these online learning resources: http://www.aadl.org/handouts. Sincerely, Terry Soave, Outreach & Neighborhood Services Manager

Date Received: 2013-11-08
Type: complaint
Regarding: policies

Patron Comment: I was told by one of the staff at the Pittsfield Branch location that the staff reserve the right to collect any unattended items on tables, that all persons have to carry all their belongings with at all times--laptop, books, everything-- they CANNOT leave them unattended, even to get a book, go to the restroom, or get a drink of water. This staff member alone has told me this twice so far and I've never heard of such a policy. This so-called policy would pretty much destroy the comings and goings to a library, since most of the time patrons are sitting down (reading, studying, group study) then getting up to get another book, get a drink, or to do their business. Imagine if they had to carry everything with them at all times. But what irks me the most is the staff member's threat which was to take any unattended items--even if I went to the bathroom! Absurd.

AADL Reply: I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced on your visits to Pittsfield by our need to keep the library as safe and welcoming to everyone as we possible can. We do ask that anyone in the Library to please not leave valuables unattended at anytime for any length of time. It is your loss if something is stolen, but we feel a responsibility to alert you to the possibility of theft in busy public spaces. Sadly, this does happen at the library. We collect unattended items for two reasons. The first is to prevent theft, and the second is to assure that items that are a potential danger are not left in public areas. The second reason is the primary one. Anyone whose belongings have been cleared by staff is able to retrieve them. We also collect library materials from tables and carrels routinely throughout the day and evening. If we are telling you that you cannot leave books, magazines or notepaper unattended long enough to browse the shelves or go to the restroom, then that is a separate matter. I will share this concern with those here who supervise the staff in the public areas. We will address with them how to balance your use of materials belonging to AADL and your reasonable use of the library without the need to take all of your materials with you as you move about in the Library. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that your next visit is more positive.Thanks for letting me know of the situation. Regards, Josie

Date Received: 2013-11-05
Type: compliment
Regarding: programs & events

Patron Comment: Thank you for such a fun summer games program!!! It was very enjoyable for adults and kids alike. All the programs were well organized with plenty of supplies. I was particularly impressed with the clay art one; they had little pieces of clay measured out, and in appropriate colors, in tiny containers with lids. Perfect!! My 13 year old niece took what she learned and made more clay figures for my mother's 98th birthday. Just to let you know how we used the classes! Thanks to Friends of the Library for funding--prizes were really nice---to the young volunteers---and to your wonderful staff!

AADL Reply: Thank you so much for your kind words. I will pass your message along to everyone involved in the summer game, and the clay art event. Regards, Josie

Date Received: 2013-11-02
Type: web site feedback
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: When a MEL request book is ready for pick up, it would be nice if it were moved to the top of "My Request" list along with all the other material ready for pick up so that we know to pick them up. Thanks.

AADL Reply: Hello, this is a good suggestion, and we will look into it for a future release. However, you will be happy to know that a self checkout station upgrade is coming that will finally allow MelCat holds that are ready for pickup to show up as ready when you use the Self Checkout station. Hope that helps! Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for using your library! -eli Eli Neiburger Associate Director for IT and Production Ann Arbor District Library

Date Received: 2013-11-01
Type: general suggestion
Regarding: other

Patron Comment: Please put printed instructions up by your new self check-out scanner. There isn't anyway for us to know we need to open the books and scan inside.

AADL Reply: This comment was submitted anonymously.