Triplets of Belleville

As this year's Tour de France heats up, check out the The Triplets of Belleville, the 2003 animated film about a bicyclist kidnapped from the Tour, a film Roger Ebert calls "creepy, eccentric, eerie, flaky, freaky, funky, grotesque, inscrutable, kinky, kooky, magical, oddball, spooky, uncanny, uncouth and unearthly....It's one of those movies where you keep banging your fist against your head to stop yourself from using the word 'meets,' as in Monsieur Hulot meets Tim Burton, or the Marquis de Sade meets Lance Armstrong."

The Historian

This morning Diane Rehm interviewed Elizabeth Kostova, winner of a UM Hopwood Award for the Novel-in-Progress. Kostova is the author of one of this summer's hottest reads, The Historian, currently #2 on the New York times bestseller list.

Ingmar Bergman turns 87

Just when you thought it was safe to back to the movies, Ingmar Bergman, the great Swedish film director (Wild Strawberries, left, Smiles of a Summer Night, The Seventh Seal) is back with a new film (actually it was shot years ago, but nevermind) Saraband, a sort of follow-up to his 1972 Scenes From a Marriage.

Today considers the relevance of the soon-to-be (on Thursday) 87-year old director...

The Murder of Emmett Till

It's been 50 years since the brutal murder of Emmett Louis Till, a fourteen-year-old black Chicago youth who was slain in Money, Mississippi, in 1955. On July 14, the Library will hold a screening and discussion of the PBS American Experience documentary The Murder of Emmett Till. More library materials on Emmett Till.

More information on the story and the program...<\a>.


Can't get enough of Giant panda Mei Xiang and her new cub? Check out the Giant Pandas page at the National Zoo for up-to-date news and a live webcam. We also have lots of information on pandas right here in the library. Also today, the New York Times published a review of the new book, [t:the lady and the panda|The Lady and the Panda, The True Adventures of the First American Explorer to Bring Back China's M


This gem of a novella is about a young man, Tristran Thorn, who promises a fair maiden that he will fetch a fallen star for her from beyond a wall that is crossed only once every nine years during a magical flea market. The wall (which resides in a rural English town named Wall) separates our world from the land of Faerie. During his travels, Tristran encounters witches, goblins, upset trees, feuding brothers, and farting hair-balls. Eventually, he uncovers his true heart's desire.

The Guild of Geniuses

Frederick Lipton is a Movie Star. As is often the case with Movie Stars, his best friend is a monkey: Mr. Pip. They find themselves in need of the services of The Guild of Geniuses, a co-ed group of four wizened, lab-coated scientists who solve any problem and offer prizes to those who are able to stump them, although it is noted that they haven't yet had to give out a single prize.

This is Dan Santat's first book, both as an author and an illustrator, and while the story is sweet, it's also a bit dull. The art, however, is stylish, colorful, and retro-geeky, reminiscent of Mo Willems' excellent animated works such as The Off-Beats and Sheep in the Big City.

The English Roses

Madonna's music may or may not tickle your daughter's fancy, but this short bedtime book is a favorite with my girls. The story is of three young friends who learn to include a fourth girl into their circle.

If your daughter is poking around the stacks for something to read for the Summer Reading Game, this might be a right fit for her. It comes highly recommended from a five and a six-year old!

Sands of Empire

This morning on the Diane Rehm Show Robert Merry, president and publisher of Congressional Quarterly and a former reporter for "The Wall Street Journal" discussed his views on US foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. His new book, Sands of Empire is on order.

Faulkner 101

Oprah's Summer of Faulkner is well underway, but it's not too soon to start reading the master of tragic farce. Check out Faulkner 101 for everything you need to know about Yoknapatawpha County and the three masterworks As I Lay Dying, The Sound and The Fury, and Light in August.

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