Shelly Winters: 1920-2006

Winters was best known for playing the blowsy woman the leading man would prefer to leave behind--from the wrong (and seriously wronged) woman in 1951's A Place in the Sun, for which she earned an Oscar nomination, to the mother in the way of James Mason's crush on Lolita )(1962). Check out her filmography at the Internet Movie Database.

Fabulous Fiction Firsts #4

Paris, 1847, the ailing Louis Daguerre (from years of exposure to mercury), inventor of the Daguerreotype photographic process, searched of a model willing to pose nude for a set of 10 images he wished to immortalize before the approaching apocalypse he envisioned.

“Dreamlike, thoughtful, and impressive”, first-time novelist Dominic Smith skillfully interweaves Daguerre’s urgent quest with the memories of his lost love, Isobel, in this “touching tale of youthful love regained in maturity”.
The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre is “…(a) compelling psychological study, …and an atmospheric portrait of 19th century France”. (Kirkus Reviews). For readers of historical fiction and students of photography. (February release)

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious

If you haven't seen the Chronicles of Narnia Rap.. you must be living in a sensory deprivation chamber. I thought I'd post it just in case, though..

No New Titles on the New York Times Bestseller List (1/8/06)

There has not yet been a new title making the List in 2006. Once again I can recommend a book "off-list".

Some fans of Prime Suspect may not know that Lynda La Plante created the series and its memorable heroine. Her new mystery Above Suspicion has just been released in the States and in it she introduces Anna Travis. While not as experienced or world weary as Tennison, this young detective bravely risks her life to catch a vicious serial killer.

Singing for Dr. King by Angela Shelf Medearis

Sheyann Webb courageously accepted an offer to lead the freedom songs during the civil rights marches in 1965. She was only nine years old and wanted to help Dr. Martin Luther King and African Americans gain the right to vote. This Just For You book touches on the subject of peaceful protests during the Civil Rights Movement. It is designed for children to read and discuss the important issues in the book with a parent.

The Play Ground

"I got the horse right here..." You bet (get it?). This is one of The Play Ground's favorites and we got it right here. This weekend the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre is presenting Guys and Dolls at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre at the Michigan League. Classic book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows and music by Frank Loesser. Get your foot ready to tap. Too short a run? So,"Sue Me."

Remembering Rosa

Nikki Giovanni's newest treasure, Rosa, is magnificently illustrated by award winning artist Bryan Collier. Collier received a Caldecott Honor for his illustrations of the beautiful Martin's Big Words. In this biography for young children Giovanni and Collier capture, in colorful detail, the dramatic moment when Rosa Parks sparked one of the most significant events in the struggle for civil rights.

MLK Books for Teens

Teens can celebrate MLK day by reading books that reveal the truths of racism - from period narratives to modern day struggles - a dramatic account of the Emmett Till case or an inspiring book of quotations from famous blacks.

A Heart Divided, by Cherie Bennett
When sixteen-year-old Kate, an aspiring playright, moves from New Jersey to attend high school in the South, she becomes embroiled in a controversy to remove the school's Confederate flag symbol.

Getting Away With Murder: The True Story of the Emmett Till Case, by Chris Crowe

DVDs for MLK Day

Blue-Eyed 2

The Complete Blue-Eyed: For over 30 years Jane Elliott, left, has been America's most highly acclaimed diversity trainer. Her powerful and controversial "blue eyed/brown eyed" exercise has had a life-changing impact on thousands in schools, corporations and government. The original "Blue eyed," the definitive record of her technique, proved so powerful that it has been made into three separate versions so it can be conveniently used in any setting. Also available at AADL is the follow-up documentary titled A Class Divided, which reunites the teacher and students 15 years later to analyze the enduring effects of the experience.

Other recommended DVDs:
February One (2003)
Boycott (2001)
Citizen King (2004)
Martin Luther King: "I Have a Dream" (2005)

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