Fabulous Fiction Firsts #29

You might as well hear about it here, no doubt you will be hearing a lot about this book.

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters was THE buzz among librarians and booksellers at the American Library Association annual conference. Some of us stood in line with a coupon in hand, just to pick up a preview copy. The reviews for this debut novel thus far have been mixed but the storyline is intriguingly complex, and the telling mesmerizing.

Miss Celeste Temple travels from her tropical island home to Victorian London in search of her fiance after receiving a cryptic message from him breaking their engagement. This 768-page doorstopper is part adventure, part fantasy, part mystery, part romance, but 100% entertainment. It should appeal to Diana Gabaldon readers.

The author Gordon Dahlquist is an award-wining playwright and a director of experimental films. He lives in New York.

In My Next Life

I will be Julia Child. And I will learn to cook as she does in My Life in France, her wonderful memoir of learning to taste and eat and buy and cook and drink and converse in the world of French cuisine. Julia’s cookbooks remain my most treasured and trusted. Pick up some crusty bread, tangy cheese and table wine to accompany this book on cd.

Powerful Immigration Tale

When Sonia Nazario wrote Enrique's heart-wrenching story in the Los Angeles Times, it won two Pulitzer Prizes. Later she expanded his tale into the book Enrique's Journey, which came out earlier this year and is currently the pick of several book groups in Ann Arbor. The emotional story of Enrique travelling from Honduras to look for his mother who was working in the United States is gripping and unforgettable, including his rides - shown on the book cover - on top of freight trains in Mexico.

The Play Ground

The Play Ground

As Jackie Gleason famously said, "You're going to the moon, Alice." Well, you can't go to the moon but you can see it on Friday, August 4th, 9-11 p.m.at the Angell Hall Observatory Open House: U-M Student Astronomical Society. All are invited to peer through the telescope on the Angell Hall roof for celestial visions. Club members are on hand to answer questions. 5th-floor roof top observatory, Angell Hall (from the large State St. entrance, take one of the elevators on the left). Free. 936-3626. When you get home you can even read all about it.

Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq

A new book by Thomas E. Ricks is generating a lot of interest. Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq was featured Aug. 2 on the NPR show On Point, with Tom Ashbrook. Nine copies of the book are currently being ordered for the library system. Ricks is a Pulitzer Prize winner and Pentagon correspondent for the Washington Post.

A Deeper, Darker Trip Down the Yellow Brick Road

Looking for a really out of the ordinary listening experience? Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West is so bizarre you’ll wonder if Gregory Maguire spent a little too much time in Oz. This witch belongs to one really dysfunctional family and the Wizard is not a well-adjusted individual either. This one’s way over the rainbow.

Alice Turns 141 Today

On August 2, 1865, Lewis Carroll published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. AADL owns several versions, as well as sound recordings and film adaptations. The latter include Walt Disney's 1951 animated film, the subversie and haunting 1966 retelling by director Jonathan Miller, starring Michael Redgrave, Peter Sellers and John Gielgud, and Alice in Wonderland in Dance.

Events at The Ark this month

Below are some of the artists appearing at The Ark this month, with links to their CDs in our catalog. Check 'em out before you go! Gaelic Storm; Kelly Joe Phelps; Little Feat; Billy Joe Shaver; Suzy Bogguss; and Robbie Fulks.

Here is the complete list, plus ticket prices and musical styles.

Twenty Years of the Friz

September 15 will be the 20th anniversary of Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus series. To celebrate, NASDAQ will open with a dedication to the series and Scholastic will release "The Magic School Bus and the Science Fair Expedition," the 11th picture book in the series and the first in seven years, according to Publishers Weekly. Joanna Cole, the writer of the series, says "We have to make it simple enough for kids to understand, but not so simple that the meaning goes out of it."

Castro on Film

On Monday, prior to undergoing major surgery, 79-year-old Fidel Castro handed the reins to his brother, Raúl, leading many to wonder if it will soon be Springtime for Cuba? Now seems a good time to look back at the man on film. The Library carries the following DVDs: 2005's Fidel Castro and Fidel Castro: El Comandante. For more flavor, there's 1974's Waiting For Fidel; El Che; and various films detailing the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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