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Teach Me -- Vote For Me!
High school senior Nine (short for Carolina) has always felt different from her classmates. When she crosses the line with her high school English teacher, her new feelings are so overwhelming she wonders if she even understands herself.

The Omnivore's Dilemma

Today on Fresh Air, Michael Pollan, author of 2001's The Botany of Desire, discussed our national eating disorder, the seductive pastoral experience that draws us down the aisles of Whole Foods, and the high cost of our dependence on corn--the SUV of plants responsible for 1/5 of our fossil fuel consumption, the ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup that contributes to our national epidemic of obesity, and the cause of a fish-killing Bermuda triangle in the Gulf of Mexico the size of New Jersey. All this and more is available in Pollan's "remarkably clearheaded book" (Publisher's Weekly), The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. You'll never look at a chicken nugget the same way again.

Name the genre of music…

...that includes Bebop, Latin, Smooth, Acid, Swing and Fusion?

That’s right, Jazz! April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Designated by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, JAM celebrates the rich tradition of Jazz and its influence on American history and culture. A celebration would not be complete without celebrating some of today’s Jazz artists. If you’re looking for a new sound to discover, here is a list of some of Amazon.com’s Top Sellers:

Michael BubleIt’s Time
Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall
Cassandra Wilson – Thunderbird
Madeleine PeyrouxCareless Love
Chris BottiTo Love Again

For more familiar favorites, the library has a host of Jazz greats to choose from like:Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Paul Whiteman

Ever play in a Jazz band? What instrument did you play?

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Twilight -- Vote For Me!
Bella leaves sunny Phoenix to live in gloomy Washington and is drawn to fellow student Edward, a distractingly handsome but aloof and angry boy. Bella falls dangerously in love – a danger magnified by Edward’s secret life as a vampire.

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Inexcusable -- Vote For Me!
Senior Keir Sarafian is a good guy: a loving son and brother, a loyal friend, and an excellent teammate. He can’t understand why Gigi Boudakian, his friend since kindergarten and the love of his life, would accuse him of something so...inexcusable.

The Silent Spring

On Thursday, April 13, 1962, The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was published. The book sounded an alarm about the use of chemicals, especially pesticides, and the harm they caused to humans and the environment. The book's publication heralded the beginning of the environmental movement. Carson, an ecologist, took great pleasure in her natural surroundings, and in her observations saw disturbing signs of the effects of these pollutants.

Local Documentary about Local Writer in the Works

Thomas Lynch, Milford undertaker and author of the National Book Award finalist The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, is the subject of a full-length documentary-in-progress by Ann Arbor filmmaker Beth Winsten. Winsten recently won a Silver Telly Award (first place) for a five-minute trailer of "Undertakings" and will be on hand, Saturday, May 13, to discuss her film at the Ann Arbor Book Festival.

Court Call Clears the Code

Now that Britain’s High Court has ruled that Dan Brown did not steal the idea for The Da Vinci Code from an earlier book, you can listen to this top-notch thriller without remorse. The movie version opens May 19th and there’s so much going on in this story that listening ahead will help not hurt your movie-going experience. Besides, that way you can walk out of the theatre saying, “it simply doesn’t live up to the book!”


With Phil Mickelson winning his second Masters title this past weekend and mother nature starting to accomodate us a bit more, I'm guessing those of us who love the game of golf are getting pretty excited. As you start cleaning your clubs and visiting the driving range to shake the winter rust off your swing, make sure you take a look at the library's materials about golf.

Check out the DVD set of instructional tips from Golf's Magazine's top 100 teachers or a 3-disc set containing everything you ever wanted to know about Tiger Woods. If you're in the mood for some comedy, it's never a bad time to re-watch Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack.

Golf-related books recently added to the collection include The Golf Handbook, The Lost Masters, and The Secret of Golf.

Let me end with a friendly reminder: If you're out on the course and you hear someone yell "Fore!"...Don't look up to see where the ball is!

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie--Vote For Me!
Scott hilariously documents in his journal (not a diary!) the trials and tribulations of his first year in high school – falling in love, drifting apart from his friends, dealing with his mother’s pregnancy, and learning more about himself than he expected.

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