The Escape of Oney Judge by Emily Arnold McCully

Oney Judge is Martha Washington’s ten-year-old slave. When she is asked to learn to sew in the Washington’s house she is thrilled that she will work side by side with her mother. After George Washington is elected president, Oney moves to New York City with the Washington’s away from her mother. Martha Washington tells Oney that when she dies she will become the slave of her granddaughter, Eliza. Oney fears that Eliza’s husband will sell her to a stranger. She realizes that her only chance for freedom is to escape. Through the story of Oney Judge, Caldecott Medalist Emily Arnold McCully reveals another side of America’s first family as slave owners.


Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami has been named the 2007 fiction winner of the Kiriyama Prize.

Following on the heel of his inventive and 'daringly original' Kafka on the Shore, Blind Willow is a collection of 24 stories, from the surreal to the mundane, that 'exhibit his ability to transform the full range of human experience in ways that are instructive, surprising, and relentlessly entertaining'

The Kiriyama Prize was established in 1996 to recognize outstanding books about the Pacific Rim and South Asia that encourage greater mutual understanding of and among the peoples and nations. The Prize consists of a cash award of US $30,000, which is split equally between the fiction and nonfiction winners.

Mr Murakami has declined to accept the award for reasons of personal principle.

David Halberstam dies in car crash

David Halberstam dies in car crashDavid Halberstam dies in car crash

David Halberstam, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author, was killed in a car accident yesterday near San Francisco.

His seminal work on the conflict in Vietnam, The Best and The Brightest (1972), was one of three books he wrote on warfare. War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton, and the Generals (2001), considered the unofficial sequel to The Best and the Brightest, follows the lasting effects of the Vietnam War. The Coldest War, scheduled for publication this fall, examines the Korean War.

Halberstam wrote on a wide variety of topics. He died while on his way to interview Y.A. Tittle, a quarterback for the New York Giants in the 1960s for a book on the legendary Giants/Baltimore Colts Super Bowl V game of 1958.

Halberstam was 73.

2007 Michigan Reads Title Announced!

The 2007 Michigan Reads winner was announced last week. Michigan Reads is a program designed to showcase the importance of early childhood literacy. Each year a picture book by a Michigan author is honored and read throughout the state. This year's winner is Big Chickens by Leslie Helakoski, illustrated by Henry Cole.

This funny book tells the story of a group of chickens who are . . well, chicken. They're afraid of everything. Large, brightly colored illustrations help the narration. This one is sure to tickle everyone's funny bone!

Two new novels depict different kinds of isolation

Two new novels tell of men who either deliberately isolate themselves or become isolated in a society in which they never feel a member. In The Solitude of Thomas Cave, Georgina Harding tells the story of seaman, Thomas Cave, who joins a whaling ship, The Heartsease, in 1616 on its way from England to the coast of Greenland. They capture and kill many whales and the slaughter is described in all its brutality. As winter approaches and the crew prepares to leave, a wager is made in which Cave will earn 100 lbs. if he survives the winter on the frigid coast. Facing his demons and the practical demands of survival as well as grief over a deep loss, Cave energes from this harsh landscape not unscarred but spiritually cleansed.

Alison Krauss Rounds Out Top Tier

A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection by Alison Krauss enters this week at number ten on Billboard 200. "A Collection" refers to cuts from soundtracks, side projects, tribute albums, guest duets on others' albums and previously unreleased tracks.

If you are ready for more Bluegrass Music check out cds by Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs.

Don’t miss the latest installment!

Volume 16 of Fruits Basket has hit #15 on USA Today Best-Seller List—the best showing ever by a volume of manga. In this volume, we learn more about Tohru’s parents, Kyoko and Katsuya. If you’re following the story of Tohru and the Sohma family, be sure to add yourself to the hold list today!

Hot Foreign Language Titles on DVD

Among the most popular foreign titles recently purchased by the Library are three Hindi language films, Baabul (not to be confused with Babel), Don, and Khosla Ka Ghosla; and the Spanish hit Volver. Currently on order--and also on demand--are: The Aura (Spanish) and The Petit Lieutenant (French).

To find other foreign language films in our collection, use the language as your keyword choice (e.g. "Italian language") and choose "DVD" under Material Field.

Man Raised by Apes found in Africa

A man was recently found in Africa, aparently raised by apes. His human parents were shipwrecked shortly before his birth and died shortly after. A she ape raised the young child, who eventually became the leader of the group. After rescueing a Frenchman from natives, the jungle man learns to be "civilized". So goes one of the greatest adventure stories of all times, Tarzan of the Apes, frist published in 1912. Edgar Rice Burroughs went on to wrote a total of 25 stories about Tarzan. Teen Top Sellers

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