Linda Peeno, Health Care, and Sicko

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In 1996 Louisville physician Linda Peeno testified before Congress for the debate over patients' rights versus HMOs. This article from NPR covers Peeno's latest reappearance in the news, involving the same testimony and her spot in Michael Moore's recent movie, Sicko.

Total Eclipse of the Heart...

The drama continues in the third book in the vampire/werewolf, love triangle series by Stephenie Meyer. Following the first two titles, Twilight and New Moon, Eclipse picks up where we left Bella, Edward and Jacob - with more drama, high romance and Bella still grappling with when to become one of the undead. The BIG NEWS is that the series has been optioned for a film and now has a director - the fabulous Catherine Hardwicke of Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown fame. It's nice to know that someone that really *gets* the material and can deliver an authentic story will be at the helm.

Japanese Contemporary Photography at the University of Michigan Museum of Art

If you haven’t already visited the Japanese contemporary photography exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, you have a couple more weeks before it’s gone for good. Out of the Ordinary/Extraordinary features the work of eleven young photographers, most of whom are unknown by western audiences. The exhibition runs until September 16 at the museum's temporary exhibition space. For hours, directions, and other information, visit the museum web site. The library also has lots of books on photography, from how-to’s to exhibition catalogs. Check them out at your favorite AADL location.

Foreclosure Assistance


Local, state and federal agencies are providing assistance and information for homeowners having difficulty meeting their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. Washtenaw County's Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention website gives you the names and phone numbers of the people in the Treasurer's Office that are trained and ready to help. There's plenty of online information at the site too. The state government's Office of Financial Services offers more tips for consumers. The FHA, Federal Housing Administration is launching the "FHASecure" refinancing program effective immediately and expects some 240,000 homewowners to qualify.

Hats off! (and on)

Do you enjoy wearing or trying on hats? Then September is the month for you. It's time for Felt Hat Month. But there's no need to just wear felt hats. Try them all and check out the Library's great collection of books on hats, everything from books on knitting hats to the beloved 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins. Hats have been faithful barometers of cultural norms, status and occupation throughout history from the lavish brims and floral decorations of the Edwardian era to present day baseball cap mania. So hats off to anyone this month who wears a hat just for the fun of it.

Amazon dvd picks for 2006

Following are a few titles of dvd's on Amazon's Best Dvd's of 2006 list (their choices) that we own at the Library. Check them out.

Little Britain, according to Amazon is "the reigning king of UK comedy." We have the first series and the second is out. Full of quirky, endearing characters like Vicky who is adept at butchering the English language and Andy who sits in a whellchair but can really walk just fine. Amazon says,"Little Britain presents the breathtaking debris of modern life in all its glory."

Thank You for Smoking is an irreverent look at the tobacco industry. Aaron Eckhart stars as the spin doctor for Big Tobacco while also trying to be a role model for his twelve year old son. William H. Macy plays a self-righteous senator bent on destroying the tobacco industry. Hilarious, off-beat and thought provoking, it's one of those movies you'll either love or hate.

Love it or have it...

What do you get when a leper, with a White Gold wedding ring enters the Land? The Chronicles of Thomas Convenant by Stephen R. Donaldson. Right now, I'm in the process of completing Book 1, Lord Foul's Bane. In the story, Thomas Covenant, succesful novelist is struck-down with leprosy, abandoned by his wife and society is cast into the Land, to either save or destroy it. Covenant, wielding his White Gold wedding ring, resembles one of the Land's former heros, Berek Halfhand. I have to admit, the first time I tried to read the book 20 years ago, I gave up. This time, I'm going to finish it, along with the rest of the series, The Illearth War and The Power That Preserves.

Oh, Carlos... What have you done? Not smooth.

Once upon a time, before Shakira, before Michelle Branch, and, oh, yes, before Rob Thomas, Carlos Santana: adult contemporary and pop star, did not exist. There was only the Santana Blues Band. To the ire of the band's fans--or at least to the ire of this fan--the meaning of the name Santana has since transformed from a group of rock and rollers that played an amazing amalgam of blues, jazz, and soul (all with a Latin percussion section) to a single guy who plays guitar with famous pop stars to score rote, radio friendly, and--at best--merely competent hits. I mean, for crying out loud, the same guy playing "The Game of Love" was on stage at Woodstock! I don't see Richie Havens singing a song with Dave Matthews.

Finally! A Defender of Fashion!!

Who has supersonic feet, x-ray eyes, and a brain that can mix and match hundreds of outfits in a second? It's Fashion Kitty!!!!
Regular cat by day (if you consider wearing clothes, walking on two legs, attending school, and speaking regular for a cat), Fashion Kitty by night. Super nice Kiki is always ready to answer a call of despair and use her super powers to save other cats from making fashion faux pas . Don't miss her exciting origin story in Fashion Kitty and watch her take on the evil Fashion Queen in Fashion Kitty Versus the Fashion Queen! It's nonstop sparkly pink action!

Sherlock Holmes

The nights are starting to get longer as summer comes to a close, and blustery weather is on the way. But look on the bright side: cold, windy weather= ideal mystery reading conditions! There's few things better than being inside on a dark, rainy night with your favorite blanket and a good mystery to read or watch. For a reading choice you should definitely check out the original detective story, none other than Sherlock Holmes. The library owns many editions of Arthur Conan Doyle's work, in addition to several DVD's based on the stories such as Sherlock Holmes Collection Volume 1, Sherlock Holmes Collection Volume 2, and Sherlock Holmes Collection Volume 3.

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