New from the Criterion Collection

Some of the best suspense sequences in cinema history are featured in Henri-Georges Clouzot's 1952 film Wages of Fear, starring Yves Montand. In this recent addition to the Library's Criterion Collection, four desperate men attempt a suicidal mission to transport two truck-loads of nitro-glycerine 300 miles down a hazardous road in South America.

Other recently added Criterion titles include Touchez Pas Au Grisbi and Casque D'Or.


AADL records and broadcasts selected events every month. We also produce DVDs of selected events and put them on the shelves, in case you missed an event you were hoping to catch. Request one today! Here are a few highlights from our collection of event DVD:

Town Hall Meeting on the Allen Creek Greenway
Recorded March 8, 2005. Including Joe O'Neal, Ed Shaffran, and Janis Bobrin.

Does ADHD Really Exist?
Recorded February 8, 2005. Featuring Dr. Richard Solomon.

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