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  • Published: Tristan Gregory
  • Year Published: 2012
  • Language: English
  • Format: Book Download




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The Giant of the Tidesmouth

by Tristan Gregory

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Additional Details

Book 3 of The Wandering Tale series

Hedmund had always been a big lad - but by the time he reached manhood, he was the biggest of them all. When he and his fellows leave home to take up the lives of mercenaries, Hedmund finds all sorts of advantages come with being big. Women notice him – and men fear him.

The Big Walk is a sacred tradition of the clansmen, and now it is Hedmund's turn to leave home and travel the world awhile, selling his sword to any man with the gold. With a sword to match his stature – and a talent for fighting to match them both – he takes up with the clan nobleman Colin, a man scarcely older than Hedmund himself, but also a man trained to lead.

With their own kingdom in a period of peacefulness, the clansmen travel far in search of a worth conflict, and find themselves drawn to the Free Duchies – a region of city-states, merchants, and pirates. In this land, the young clansmen will fight their way to riches – or die trying.

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