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  • Release Date: 2012-03-24
  • Year Published: 2012
  • Format: 320Kbps MP3




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Godowsky And Ecstasy

by Ivan Ilic

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  • 1. Study no5 in D flat major Tristesse (L Godowsky)
  • 2. Study no2 in D flat major Triumphant (L Godowsky)
  • 3. Study no22 in C sharp minor Revolutionary (L Godowsky)
  • 4. Study no35 in B flat minor Cantabile (L Godowsky)
  • 5. Study no13 in E flat minor Appassionata (L Godowsky)
  • 6. Study no40 in G flat major Butterfly (L Godowsky)
  • 7. Study no12 in G flat major Black Key (L Godowsky)
  • 8. Study no18a in F sharp minor Patience (L Godowsky)
  • 9. Study no21 in A major Spring Rain (L Godowsky)
  • 10. Study no3 in A minor Ants (L Godowsky)
  • 11. Study no31 in A minor Grasshopper (L Godowsky)
  • 12. Study no20 in A flat major Rambler (L Godowsky)
  • 13. Study no41 in B minor Winter (L Godowsky)
  • 14. Study no28a in F sharp minor Autumn (L Godowsky)
  • 15. Study no30 in F major Pastoral (L Godowsky)
  • 16. Study no44 in F minor Yearning (L Godowsky)
  • 17. Study no15a in E flat major Miller's Wheel (L Godowsky)
  • 18. Study no23 in A flat major Aeolian Harp (L Godowsky)
  • 19. Study no16a in G flat major Luminous (L Godowsky)
  • 20. Study no6 in C sharp minor Battle (L Godowsky)
  • 21. Study no45a in D flat major Andantino (L Godowsky)
  • 22. Study no43 in C sharp minor Tempest (L Godowsky)

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