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Distortion Pedal: London 68

There are no copies available

Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools


  • London 68 Distortion Pedal
  • 9V +C- power supply
  • 10’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable
  • 3’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable



Distortion pedals make your guitar sound, well, distorted. Generally, this has come to mean everything from smooth tube overdrive to all manner of nasty, dirty, “my amp is exploding” tones and scooped mids pedals for death metal madness. The earliest example of distortion used in popular music was the 3-note riff that was heard all over the airwaves when the Rolling Stones recorded “Satisfaction,” and since then, distortion pedals have come a very long way.

From the awesome folks at Sweetwater: Guitar Pedal Buying Guide

A Post-British Invasion fuzz that is very versatile in its ability to achieve the sounds of late 60s Brit-Rock. The London 68 is made using New-Old-Stock germanium transistors which is a big part of capturing the 60s sound. This pedal is great for blues to psychedelic and everything in between. Jimi Hendrix used a similar (though less featured) pedal from 1966 through 1968. The Beatles and The Stones were known to record with the same device. The London 68 takes that classic device and adds versatility through additional controls. The toggle switch takes you from a dark, wooly, fuzz face type of tone to a sharper, tone bender territory. The gain control is what makes this pedal a tone machine for all occasions. With the gain down the pedal responds extremely well to volume changes and the dynamics in your playing. Combine the London 68 with any tube amp (solid state not recommended) and you're heading to post invasion London, commanding the sweetest tone in town.

Product description from King Custom Electronics


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