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Sledge 2.0

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Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools

Available Copies: Downtown 1st Floor Tools Shelf


  • Sledge 2.0
  • 7A 125V power cord
  • 1/4" to 1/8" headphone adapter cable


Community Reviews

Glitchy for me

Much like duedatebeater stated in their review I experienced glitching when moving some parameters or changing presets. This could just be an issue with the particular keyboard the library has. I still enjoyed using it however.


All parameters brought out to dedicated knobs for easy adjustment as you go. Also love the large keyboard. However, it seems poorly designed in a couple of aspects.

For one the software is extremly glitchy. Knobs will go unresponsive, requiring tweaking (going beyond the intended setting of not registering until the parameter's previous setting is exceeded), or be extremly jittery. Aspects of the interface are non intuitive, as bfields pointed out the sequencer is difficult to figure out.

A final complaint is that when connecting to midi out, I would get audible crosstalk on the audio out jack. Still great as a midi controller for someone not wanting to buy a propper keyboard.

Fun, but flaky

The manual is incomplete and weirdly written, though still readable. The sound seemed to cut out suddenly whenever I turn the volume too far down. On first power up, there's no sound until I change the patch (and then change it back again, if necessary). I never could figure out how to make the appegiator do anything.

All that said, it's a lot of fun. As a virtual analog synth with 3 oscillators and a lot of other bells and whistles, it can make a wide variety of sounds. (Not the greatest imitations of other instruments, though there's a piano preset that gets closer than I expected.) It has a dedicated knob for almost every parameter, so it's great fun to tweak everything as you play. The action might not be perfect, but with 61 full-sized keys it's the easiest to play in the library's current collection. The flakiness might worry me a bit, though, if I were actually going to play it in front of people.

Note, also, if you want to plug in a damper pedal: I found the pedal had to be plugged in before turning the keyboard on. (Otherwise in my case it got the polarity reversed, sustaining only when the pedal was up and releasing when it was down.)

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