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Neulog CO2 Meter

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Where To Find It

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  • CO2 sensor module
  • USB module
  • Rechargeable battery module
  • Viewer graphic color display module
  • USB to USB mini cable
  • USB power supply adapter

How To Use

It is recommended to offset the sensor outside (you can get it out through a window if it is connected to a USB module). The CO2 sensor needs a power supply to properly offset.

  1. Connect the CO2 sensor to:
    USB-200 module for On-line experiments
    BAT-200 battery module for Off-line experiments
    VIEW-101 graphic display module and BAT-200 battery module for use with the NeuLog Viewer.
  2. After the sensor has been connected to a power supply for at least 30 minutes check that the values are relatively stable.
  3. The sensor now needs to be offset - hold the probe vertically with the opening facing the ground. Press and hold the blue “Start/Stop” button on the faceplate of the sensor for 3 seconds. The CO2 Sensor is now offset for use.


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Community Reviews

Cool, but doesn't agree with the other CO2 meter

Cool device, but I checked out both this device and the "Indoor Air Quality Meter", which also measures CO2 in the air and they don't agree at all. The Indoor AQ Meter seems to respond more quickly to changes, but also consistently gets a reading 200-300 ppm higher than the NeuLog meter inside. Also this meter (NeuLog) can't maintain readings over hours. While measuring a room with people in it (so CO2 levels should be increasing), the NeuLog meter dropped down to its baseline of 350 within a couple hours. Firing up the other meter showed increasing levels, but it beeps so isn't suitable fur use during long meetings.
Overall, I'd say that I'm having trouble trusting this meter and would recommend the other one.

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