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VLF Metal Detector

There are no copies available and 25 requests on 1 copy

Where To Find It

Call number: Science Tools

How To Use

Turn the Power/Level Control knob from left to right to power on the metal detector and adjust the sensitivity. Turning the power knob all the way to the right sets the unit on the most sensitive setting, at which you will find the most items. We recommend this setting. The Trash Eliminator knob controls a function that will keep the detector from finding typically unwanted items such as scrap iron, but will still allow it to detect items such as coins. Turn the eliminator knob to the right if you are finding lots of unwanted items. However if you enjoy finding everything we recommend that you leave the eliminator off by turning the knob all the way to the left.


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Community Reviews

metal detector

fun for a day of searching

nifty machine

this is a high end machine...lots of adjustments (even has a "ring finder" setting). we found nuts and bolts and old metal parts on our 1870 farmhouse property.
need to get it again to hope to find a long lost ring. willing to wait for this machine!

Home uses

Used it to try to find my property posts. Wasn't successful, but that wasn't the metal detector's fault. Did find a random gum wrapper though =)


Had it at the beach. Found change and bottle caps. Kids thought it was a blast. Light weight. Easy to use.


I wish I could keep it longer than a week- I haven't made my fortune yet! It would be fun to take to a beach, but as there are requests and holds, it's hard to know when you'll actually get to use the detector. Very easy to use. I tried it around my yard.

PS Read the online instructions!

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