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Bass -- D.I./Pre-Amp Pedal: Radial Bassbone

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  • Radial Bassbone -- D.I./Pre-Amp Pedal
  • 15V -C+ power supply
  • 10’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable
  • 3’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable


A DI box provides electrical ground isolation between input and output, and matches impedance of the source to the load. In plain English: Gets rid of line noise, and makes the bass frequencies much easier to control when plugged into a mixer.

Instrument amplifiers are often designed to add additional tonal coloration to the original signal or emphasize (or de-emphasize) certain frequencies. The first stages of an instrument amplifier, which is then sent to the power amplifier.

From TuneEssence

The Radial Bassbone is a power-packed bass preamp that combines on-stage efficiency, amazing tonal control and superb audio performance making it the ideal front end for both live and studio recording.

Designed as a bass command center, the Bassbone lets you connect two basses and seamlessly toggle between them using a footswitch. Each channel is equipped with a separate level control to balance the two instruments. This is augmented with a unique EQ that enables you to adjust the tone for each instrument to match with your bass amp. In fact, the EQ is so powerful that you can toggle between channels to emulate switching from a P-Bass to a Rickey using the same bass! For added stage control, a second footswitch engages a power booster for soloing. This works double duty to turn on an effects loop.

The Bassbone's highly acclaimed audio circuit features full sized discrete electronics for optimal signal flow to deliver the sound of your bass to your amp with minimal distortion or artefact. Outputs include a ¼" instrument output for the stage amp, separate always-on tuner out, and a built-in Radial direct box to feed the PA or recording system.

Product description from Tonebone


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Community Reviews

One more cable would make it more useful

From the overview: "a second footswitch engages a power booster for soloing. This works double duty to turn on an effects loop."

Note to make this work you need a special cable (see p. 7 of the manual). I *think* something like this: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/STP201 is what's needed?

That would allow hooking up any of the library's other pedals and enabling/disabling them as a group. This doesn't look like the kind of thing people will have laying around, so it would be nice to include one.

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