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Critter & Guitari Combo Pack

There is currently 1 available

Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools

Available Copies: Downtown 1st Floor Tools Shelf


  • 1 Pocket Piano GR
  • 1 Bolsa Bass
  • 1 Kaleidoloop
  • 1 Kaleidoloop microphone
  • 1 Video Scope
  • 1 Rhythm Scope
  • 1 Roland Mobile Cube amplifier
  • 2 rechargeable 9V batteries, installed
  • 4 rechargeable AA batteries, installed
  • 1 9V -C+ power adapter
  • 1 1/4" TS male to 1/4" TS male audio cable
  • 1 1/4" TRS male to 1/8" TRS female headphone adapter cable
  • 1 1/8" TRS male to 1/8" TRS male audio cable
  • 1 RCA composite video cable


Community Reviews

Fun, just one thing missing?

The Video Scope and Rhythm Scope both take an audio in and a video out, creating images synchronized to audio.

Three of the included items have speakers (the amp, the Pocket Piano, and the Kaleidoloop), and each of the three also has an audio out, *but* in each case plugging anything into the audio out automatically disables the speaker.

That means there's no way using only the included equipment to use the Video Scope and Rhythm Scope while simultaneously hearing the associated sounds. Which takes the fun out of it.

I had an amp sitting around that would do the job. Maybe a headphone splitter would work too.

Anyway, that aside, these devices are lots of fun to play with either individually or together.

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