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Distortion Pedal: Kalamazoo

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Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools


  • Kalamazoo Distortion Pedal
  • 9V +C- power supply
  • 10’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable
  • 3’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable



Distortion pedals make your guitar sound, well, distorted. Generally, this has come to mean everything from smooth tube overdrive to all manner of nasty, dirty, “my amp is exploding” tones and scooped mids pedals for death metal madness. The earliest example of distortion used in popular music was the 3-note riff that was heard all over the airwaves when the Rolling Stones recorded “Satisfaction,” and since then, distortion pedals have come a very long way.

From the awesome folks at Sweetwater: Guitar Pedal Buying Guide

Kalamazoo Gold now has higher headroom and better handling of high output pickups. The tone control wired to work in series with it’s treble booster offers up super smooth, controllable highs. The available Gain has been boosted and even the most saturated notes ring with better definition than ever before.Plug in and while not only having total tonal control of it’s sweet ‘n’ smooth, harmonic, overdriven tones, you’ll hear your sound being driven to new heights with sweet, responsive, chiming high end that’s never harsh. Like all Lovepedal custom effects. The Kalamazoo Overdrive features premium components, bullet proof construction and a sonic presence that will simply knock you out!

New higher headroom and better power handling

Increased definition and clarity

Increased gain and saturation


  • Drive, Level, Tone and Glass Controls
  • 9VDC – 18VDC Input
  • True Bypass LED Status
  • Compact Die cast Aluminum Case 4.37″ X 2.37″ X 1.07″


  • DRIVE – Sets the amount of overdrive
  • LEVEL – Master volume control
  • TONE – Softens the treble content
  • GLASS – Increases treble without cutting bass response
  • STOMPSWITCH – Turns effect ON or OFF

Product description from Lovepedal


Community Reviews

Great smooth tone

Much like the RAT-2, this pedal works great for lead guitar melodic playing and works great with an overdrive pedal for any solo parts where the treble needs to shine. Loved the smooth timbre, would definitely recommend.

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