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Distortion Pedal: ProDrive V2

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Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools


  • ProDrive V2 Distortion Pedal
  • 9V +C- power supply
  • 10’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable
  • 3’ 1/4” ts male to 1/4” ts male audio cable



Distortion pedals make your guitar sound, well, distorted. Generally, this has come to mean everything from smooth tube overdrive to all manner of nasty, dirty, “my amp is exploding” tones and scooped mids pedals for death metal madness. The earliest example of distortion used in popular music was the 3-note riff that was heard all over the airwaves when the Rolling Stones recorded “Satisfaction,” and since then, distortion pedals have come a very long way.

From the awesome folks at Sweetwater: Guitar Pedal Buying Guide

Hand built Boutique guitar effects pedals. The ProDrive has been coined by Producers & Musicians as THE Overdrive to have. They gave it the title of "The Glory Tone". Basic ProDrive tone is intact but has several switching options. Toggle 1 - Phase 1 & Phase 2 will be clipping options (Symmetrical/Asymmetrical). Plus a second toggle will bypass the majority of the clipping section into a trans option and boost the whole circuit. Toggle 1 will still have some effect on toggle 2 when switched (changes a cap). Tone-wise, you will be hard pressed to find a pedal like the Franklin ProDrive V2. It was very versatile before, but now has 4 options plus all that awesome original Overdrive/Distortion tones. With toggle 2 in the down position, you can achieve near fuzz or distortion or overdrive..plus it cleans up really nicely, but it is louder since the clipping section isn't holding it back :)...so we recommend turning back the Level & Gain a tad, but use it however you want!

Product description from Franklin Pedals


Community Reviews

Nice rock and roll sound, insanely bright LED

Like the review above states, when you enable the pedal, don't even bother trying to read the dials or you'll go blind. Other that that, I've been able to get a really nice 50s rock and roll tone from this, would recommend.

obnoxious LED

The power LED is really bright. When you're standing over it (as you're likely to--it's a pedal) it feels like someone's shining a flashlight in your eye. To the point where from a standing position I almost can't read how the dials are set.

It's a nit, but with so many distortion pedals to choose from, it doesn't seem worth putting up with.

It also had a little hiss, but maybe that's normal (or something else wrong with my setup), I don't know.

Otherwise, seems fine.

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