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Cell 48 System 1

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Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools


    How To Use

    The Cell 48 System 1 requires use of your own headhpones or an amplifier, as well as a keyboard or midi application. Make connections to an amplifier with everything powered off, then power on the Cell 48 and the amplifier if you are using one. As with all analog synthesizers it is best to allow the Cell 48 to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before you begin playing.


    The Cell [48] System 1 is a complete single voice, analog synthesizer and a great entry point into modular synthesis. Using the Synthesizer Block module as it's centerpiece, the System 1 contains all of the most important components of a modular synthesizer. Connected internally, the Cell[48] System 1 is hardwired to create a complete monophonic synthesizer without needing to add patch cables. However, each major component within the System 1 is fully patchable and can function independent to the rest of the system by using the available patch points and included patch cables.

    An unpatched Cell[48] System 1 offers direct access to a wide array of classic analog monosynth sounds. Without a single patch cable, deep bass and warm sweeping leads are just a few knob tweaks away.

    Plugging in a few patch cables opens the Cell[48] System 1 to experimentation by offering unlimited control over both the modulation and audio signal paths. The full functionality of the Oscillator, Filter, LFO, Envelope Generator, VCA, Midi, and Outputs can be broken apart and used like standalone synthesizer modules. All of the elements of a classic voltage controlled, modular synthesizer are available as an open, patchable, modern synth.

    Cell [48] System 1 Components:

    • Synthesizer Block Module
    • M3 Module
    • Midi2 Module
    • Outs Module
    • 4hp Logo Panel
    • Cell [48] Case
    • Single Row Hardwood Side Panels
    • 450mA Linear Power Supply
    • 5 Patch Cables

    Product description from Pittsburgh Modular


    View Instructions and Patch Guide (PDF)


    Community Reviews

    need midi keyboard

    Note, you need a midi keyboard to use this piece of equipment.

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