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Kaossilator Pro

There are no copies available

Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools


  • One Kaossilator Pro
  • One Korg KA350 power supply for Kaossilator Pro
  • One Dual 1/4" TS male to RCA audio cable
  • One Roland Mobile Cube amplifier
  • One two-part Roland PSB-1U power supply for amplifier

How To Use

Connect the RCA end of the audio cable to the output jacks on the Kaossilator, and the dual 1/4" TS end of the audio cable to the amplifier. Set all volume levels to zero and slowly increase to avoid damage to equipment. To power on the Kaossilator Pro press and hold the small power button on the rear of the instrument until the display illuminates. Touch your finger to the square touchpad to sound a note. For more infomation on the Kaossilator's other functions check out the the full instruction manual under Documentation.


The Super-charged KAOSSILATOR!

Korg's revolutionary KAOSS products have brought intuitive finger-tip control to all aspects or modern music making!

With 200 programs, new PCM drums, loop recording, vocoding, and an incredible gate arpeggiator, this supercharged version of the palm-sized KAOSSILATOR is a powerful track-making tool loaded with live performance power.

  • 200 Programs, including 15 effect programs
  • 8 Favorites for instant selection
  • 4 Loop Recording Banks, each with unlimited overdubs
  • 4 measures (16 beats) per bank
  • Gate Arpeggiator offers 31 scales in any key; sync's to internal, MIDI, or Tap Tempo
  • RCA stereo ins & outs; ¼" Mic input; ¼" Stereo headphone out; MIDI In, Out
  • SD card storage; USB to computer port
  • Includes Editing, Librarian and MIDI Control software available at: http://www.korg.co.uk/support/downloads/kaossilatorpro_dl.php

Product description from Korg USA


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Community Reviews

Addictive, lots to explore.

Easy to get started with, lots to learn if you want. Much bigger and heavier than the Kaossilator 2, but the bigger pad also makes it easier to play precisely. Lots of pre-made sounds and rhythms to mix together. It all seems aimed at electronic dance music of some kind, but you could probably use it for other stuff with some effort. Kind of addictive. I didn't get to explore very much of it.

Awesome tool!

My personal favorite of the music tools I've checked out. Lots of fun and you'll definitely want to check it out again. One week is not long enough to play with all the settings and put together songs!


Definitely the most fun tool we've checked out yet. Probably need more than one week to fully explore it, but intuitive enough that both my 8 year old and 1 year old were both able to have fun with it.

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