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Sabertooth Cat

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Call number: Science Tools


  • 1 two-part Sabertooth cat skull fossil cast in tarpit finish
  • 1 two-part skull stand
  • 1 Sabertooth cat model
  • 1 National Geographic Prehistoric Mammals book by Alan Turner, Mauricio Anton and Richard L. Cifelli
  • 1 Before We Ruled The Earth - Mastering The Beasts DVD


  • Case Size: 22 X 12 X 18 inches


Community Reviews


Being able to hold these replicas in your hand gives you a feeling for our fellow time travelers far beyond that which can be gotten from peering into a museum case. What a great service, and a great opportunity for learning, to the public, to teachers, to kids. Did you ever imagine that the mighty Sabertooth was actually a gentle vegetarian, using its fearsome incisors to prepare the soil and reap the crops? If so, you really need to sign up for this kit!

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