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EMF Meter

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Call number: Science Tools

Available Copies: Downtown 1st Floor Tools Shelf


  • 1 Sper Scientific 3 Axis Electro Magnetic Field Meter


Simply approach the source at any angle and the triple-axis meter automatically determines EMF (electro magnetic frequency) eliminating the need for additional calculations. X, Y, and Z axis results can also be viewed independently. Measures electro magnetic fields of extremely low frequency (ELF) from electrical power lines and transmission equipment, appliances, computer, HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical equipment. Automatically or manually log results with time and date stamps. Model TM-192 holds up to 500 readings which can be reviewed on screen. Features manual or auto ranging, mG (milli-Gauss) and µT (micro-Tesla) scales, min/max and hold functions. The meter has tripod screws and a large 3-line display indicating when the battery is low or is reading over range.


  • Model: TETM-192
  • Display: 3-row display with 4-digit reading
  • Frequency Response: 30 ~ 2000Hz
  • Sampling Rate: 2.5 times per second
  • Operating Temp: 41°F ~ 104°F (5°C ~ 40°C)
  • Operating RH: 8p% RH
  • milli-Gauss Range/Resolution: 20/0.01, 2/0.001, 3% + 30 digits @50/60Hz
  • µTesla Range/Resolution: 200/0.1, 20/0.01, 2.5% + 5 digits @50/60Hz
  • Accuracy: 2,000/1, 200/0.1, 5% + 5 digits @30/2000HZ


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