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Based on the book by Mickey Rapkin.

Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson.

Arriving at her new college, Beca finds herself not right for any clique but somehow is muscled into one that she never would have picked on her own: alongside mean girls, sweet girls and weird girls whose only thing in common is how good they sound when they sing together. When Beca leads this a cappella singing group out of their traditional arrangements and perfect harmonies into all-new mash-ups, they fight to climb their way to the top of college music competitions.

DVD, widescreen, described video.

Contents: Pitch perfect.

Community Reviews


this movie is really good i reccomend it to everyone! its also very funny


I loved this movie! It was funny! Go Bella's!


pure fun. great talent. so well done.


LOVE this movie!! The plot and characters are strong and plain hilarious, and I guarantee you'll be laughing, dancing, and singing along!!


Apparently this is now one of those movies where if I catch any part of it on tv, I think, "Oh, I'll just watch this part and then go back to whatever" - and end up watching the whole rest of it, no matter how much or how little.

The first time I watched it, I felt very old because I recognized almost none of the contemporary songs (and also felt old and lazy because of all the choreography), but it was a bit inspiring in that way, encouraged me to casually enjoy some pop music that would otherwise have passed me by. But this is a funny, clever movie. It's satire, but plays it straight. The actors' deliveries are spot-on for the tone; it walks a fine line between really fun cheese and taking the glee club phenomenon to its illogical extreme. I didn't think I would love it, but I did. And a while later, I made my spouse watch it with me, and he laughed as hard as I did. We're well past our college years, and could appreciate this on multiple levels: the homage to John Hughes movies, the simplistic plot, the raunchy humor, the goofiness, the parody, and the real work and love that obviously went into this. Rebel Wilson is the show-stealer, but I love Brittany Snow as well.

I wanted to see a little more from a couple of the other characters, especially the extremely talented Cynthia Rose.

TL;DR: It's ridiculous and fun.


ACA-BELIEVE IT! This is now one of my favorite movies of all time! It's hilarious and the characters are awesome. I wish I were friends with them in real life.


Was a great movie. So funny. My children learned the cup song from this movie.

Pitch Perfect

Seriously, this movie was not entertaining at all.

For all choir people!

If you are in choir or in an acapella group you will find this movie very hilarious. It is a wonderful take on how being in college and being in choir are like and how things don't always go as they are planned.

Fun Movie!!

I loved this movie! I laughed the entire time, loved the story line (even if predictable) and couldn't resist singing along to all the great songs. Very fun movie!


Seriously one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time! Watched it twice, the music was fantastic!


I loved this movie!

Pitch Perfect!

This movie is so perfect! It's wonderfully acted and really hilarious. The singing was really good, too. I guarantee that you'll like it.

Just simply a lot of fun.

Try it, you'll like it.

Fun, feel-good

I dare you not to sing along! Written by 30 ROCK alumna, Kay Cannon, this movie's a gem! Many fun renditions of popular songs.

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