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by Telgemeier, Raina.

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Callie rides an emotional roller coaster while serving on the stage crew for a middle school production of Moon over Mississippi as various relationships start and end, and others never quite get going.

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this is one of my favorite books
for one, i love Rania, and her artwork is amazing (she also did SMILE and the BABYSITTERS CLUB graphic novels)
also, I'm involved in theater at my school, and while for a middle school their program seems very advanced, my high school does all student productions and its A LOT of work and fun! and always very dramatic haha
plus, callie has so much style and i love her hair and its just a super inspiring and cute book


this book was super good! i loved the drama and the funness of the book.

unrealistic skills

I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as Smile (by the same author). Although it's allegedly set in middle school, it seemed a lot more like high school. The sexuality seemed slightly more sophisticated than the middle schoolers I know, but I can overlook that (currently have 7th and 9th graders and a 9yo, so I do have some recent observations to draw on!). Since the romance was a bigger focus than in Smile, that's part of what made it less appealing for my 9yo.

But the skill level relative to the drama production is where I was really shaking my head. I'm supposed to believe an 8th grader can design and make all costumes for a period piece (including boning in corsets??), a 7th grader design all the sets and manage their production? Sorry, but no. Especially not without significant adult help, and we barely even see the teacher sponsor in this. I suppose this is another example of absent adults so the main characters can have the dramatic literary tension, but that ruined it for me. (My drama experience: sister of a costume designer. Even in college she wasn't doing shows on her own!) Because I couldn't think of these characters as tweens, the rest fell flat.


This graphic novel really interests me and I recommend it to all the people out there

Coming of Age and School Drama

This is a fun YA/older middle grade graphic novel about a 7th grade theater geek. Sexuality (being gay or bi) is mentioned, in a casual way - the upshot of Telgemeier's story is that friends and work you love is more important than romance, especially at this age, and that everyone's confused when it comes to figuring it all out.

Loved it

This book had so much meaning to it which is why I loved it so much. Some people can relate to it and some people may just love the comedy put into this!!!! This definitely deserves a five star rating!!!!

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