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Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools


  • 1 set of Boomwhackers in their own carrying case
  • 2 malletts (optional)
  • 1 songbook (optional)

How To Use

There are several easy ways to play Boomwhackers. You can remove the individual tubes from their tote holder and gently hit them on tables, desks, the palm of your hand, anything really and it will sound the corresponding note printed on the tube. This style works great for small groups as you can assign each individual their own note and try to play in unision. If you want a more traditional single-player approach simply leave the tubes in their holder and strike them with the included malletts. Check out the accompanying color coded song book for some simple children's songs.


Community Reviews

fun to use

We own a set of these, and they are fun to use. However, we can never get ours to sound as good as the demo, and definitely not as good as the person who made an entire CD with boomwhackers! (Whack Tracks) Maybe that person has a complete 2 octave set??

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