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Pocket Piano GR

There is currently 1 available

Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools

Available Copies: Downtown 1st Floor Stuff Shelf


  • 1 Pocket Piano
  • 1 rechargeable 9V battery (installed)
  • 1 power cord (optional)

How To Use

To turn on the Pocket Piano press the power button just to the right of the 4 knobs. Press the wooden keys to sound notes and turn the knobs to affect them. Check out the instructional sticker on the rear of the instrument for more info. When done playing turn the power off to conserve the battery.


The Pocket Piano GR is an electronic synthesizer with a big sound! It is built upon the framework of the original Pocket Piano. In addition to the six sound modes of the original piano, the GR has a monophonic four-oscillator beating synthesizer mode called MONO Glider. In this extra mode, you can also control glide time between notes! MONO Glider is Great for low phasing glides like a prop plane and distorted 'mid-leads' soloing. The seven modes are:

  • Vibrato Synth
  • Harmonic Sweeper
  • Two-Octave Arpeggiator
  • Octave Cascade
  • Mono FM Synth
  • FM Arpeggiato
Product description from Critter & Guitari


View Instructions (PDF)

View Chords (PDF)


Community Reviews

Good portable fun

The only pocket it might fit in would be a very large coat pocket. But it's still pretty small, and light. The battery life seems pretty good, and the built-in speaker makes it completely self-contained.

The button keyboard works better than I expected.

If you really want to figure out how it works, flipping back and forth to the cheat-sheet printed on the bottom is a bit confusing at first, but it works. And you can figure out a lot by just diving in and trying things at random.

I like the variety of sounds.


Its very fun to use

Terrific Tones

From the smooth wooden buttons to the quality knob filters, this instrument delivers a great musical experience even if you're not musically trained. Experimentation with the settings is frequently rewarded by rich and surprising tones. This instruments strikes a great balance, serving as both a fun piece to play for beginners, as well as creating rich sounds for music professionals (who can output into a real amp and crank it up!). Highly recommended.

great addition

I'm not at all musical, but this was so much fun! I can't wait to try out the other instruments!

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