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Electro-Faustus Fun Pack

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Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools


  • 1 Dual Oscillator
  • 1 Drum Thing
  • 1 Photo Theremin
  • 2 rechargeable 9V batteries (installed)
  • 1 Orange Micro Crush Amplifier
  • 1 amplifier power supply cord
  • 1 ten foot audio cable

How To Use

Plug the included audio cable into the "Input" jack on top of the Orange speaker and press the Power button. Note that the power light will not illuminate until you connect the other end of the audio cable to an instrument. Choose one of the three included insturments and insert the audio cable into the respective "Output" jack. The orange Drum Thing is a piezoelectric device that requires no additional power source once it is hooked up to the speaker, simply tap it to generate a sound. You can experiment by hitting it on different parts of the pad, or try placing an MP3 player on top of it and it will pick up the sound. If using the red photo theremin first make sure the volume knob is turned fully counterclockwise, then flip the power switch up to power on the unit. You can now slowly rotate the volume knob clockwise until the desired volume is achieved. Hold your hand over the light sensor to affect the tone. If using the black dual oscillator first make sure the volume knob is turned fully counterclockwise, then press the metal button on top of the instrument to turn it on. You may then rotate the Volume nob clockwise until the desired volume is achieved. Turn the Rate and Freq knobs to affect the tone. When you're finished turn off the power on all instruments to save the batteries. If the Orange speaker battery runs out you can use the included amplifier power supply cable.

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