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Otamatone Dual-Pack

There are currently 2 available

Where To Find It

Call number: Music Tools

Available Copies: Downtown 1st Floor Stuff Shelf


  • 2 Otamatones in a variety of colors
  • 6 rechargeable AAA batteries (installed)

How To Use

Turn the power on using the switch on the rear of the instrument, choosing either low or high volume. You can set the pitch to low, medium or high as well. Touch the long metal strip to sound a note. Squeeze the little face's cheeks to open its mouth and change the pitch of the note - doing so rapidly will cause a vibrato effect. When you're done playing turn off the power to conserve battery life.


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Community Reviews


You borrow these from the library? Am I missing something?

I'm a fan of new kinds of items being lent, but not of this one

I can't help thinking this is a gift you give to the kids of someone you want to get a mild kind of revenge on. Maybe if they gave your kid a drum kit, say.

Didn't find it very musical.

Maybe in the proper hands it would be different, but...

cute or annoying?

The sound is a little annoying, and good luck getting any kind of predictable pitch out of them. (I doubt markings would help. The people in the video above have markings, and look like they practiced a bunch, and they still sound pretty off.)

You can give up on that and just enjoy making beeps and farts and whooooeeeooo sounds and stuff.

They're also hiilarious and cute.

Good Times

Had some fun this weekend with my musician friends. All of us wished there were note markings. Tried to play the theme from Star Wars but it was futile.

Amazingly entertaining

The two little otamatones are a blast to play around with. I do wish they had the ability to be marked like the ones in the video above with half-tone or scale markings. Some kind of removable sticker would probably work, but I would hesitate to try it for fear of damaging the surface.

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