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Scorpia rising

by Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-

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When the world's deadliest terrorist organization, Scorpia, stirs up trouble in the Middle East, it is up to fourteen-year-old MI6 agent Alex Rider to thwart their plans.

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This one has lots of twists

Great Book

One of the best in the series. I love how it brings back some old characters from the previous books. The Scorpia Leaders were really clever, and just when Alex thought he had outsmarted them, it turned out it was all part of the plan. I was actually surprised that he managed to defeat them.


This is one of the best books in the Alex Rider series. I loved reading it! Ml6 gets tricked by scorpia and sends Alex on another mission. I feel bad for Alex because his guardian, Jack Starbright died.

Scorpia Rising

Can't wait to read it! last book and it better be good!


Definitely a great book, I didn't like waiting for it, but it was worth it.

Best In The Series

In my opinion, this was the best book in the series. Some people may like it when Alex manages to save everyone, and there's a happy ending, but I enjoyed this book more, mostly because the villains were smarter and harder for Alex to outsmart. Also, there were casualties for Alex's side this time, such as the death of Alex's guardian, Jack Starbright.
The thing I didn't like about this book was the ending. I think it was too abrupt. It should have elaborated more on what Alex did after going to live with the Pleasures. I hope Anthony Horowitz will write another novel not necessarily about Alex Rider, but one that is continuing the plot of this story.
Overall, this still was a great book, and I would recommend that you read it, especially if you've read the other books in the series, or if you like action and adventure.

This book is not that good, but you should read it.

This is not the best book in the series, in fact I would hate it if it didn't tie up so many loose ends. I would read it ONLY because it ends the series. It's not anything special otherwise. Please do not read the two books that come before this, as they will ruin your view of the series.

Neat finish

All the loose ends are wrapped up in this final adventure of the great teen spy. Be prepared for the unexpected, though.

Final Mission!

This is the final mission of the alex rider series and is one of the best in the series. The MI6 is tricked into sending alex rider right into the trap set by the criminal organization, Scorpia.

love it



This is one the the great books in the series.
Alex rider has been spy for MI6 for over a year now and has been in tons of life threading places. Alex rider wants to stop spying and be a normal school boy by scorpia (bad people) trick MI6 to sent Alex rider on another dangerous mission.

Scorpia Rising

Alex is done with spying, but Sorpia tricks MI6 into sending Alex on another mission.

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